update 1.75 – Halloween content!

Hey Runners,
Our last major update was just a week ago yet today we want to celebrate with you Halloween with some fancy stuff matching the theme, “Man vs. Zombies”!

In this “Man vs. World” adaptation, we added some zombies because who doesn’t like to shoot zombies? :)

Similar to “Man vs. World” which it is based on, you can play the campaign either solo or with a friend to which isn’t a bad idea to watch each others back. Different types of zombies spices it up, from the low health very fast walker or the very high health Berserker. It’s highly recommended to play in “Veteran mode” to get the most thrill, as it adds FoV mode which helps for the jump-scares!
In this gamemode, the enemies don’t drop loot, you’ll have to break the crates scattered around the world to loot for helpful equipment. Of course you can also buy most stuff at the armories.
The weapon range has also been adapted to better match a zombie apocalypse. From flamethrower to sawn-off shotgun to even a microgun, you should have enough fire power to meow them down!

On top of that we also made the occasional hotfix and added some new modding parameters, see the changelog below!
Happy Hallowunning, Your Osumia Games

Changelog v1.75:

  • gamemode: NEW HALLOWEEN SPECIAL game mode added: “Man vs. Zombies” based on “Man vs. World”
  • gamemode: NEW HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2 player game mode added: “2-player Man vs. Zombies”
  • campaign: fixed grenadiers spawning without weapons[*]calls: changed A-10 comms marker handling
  • calls: A-10 launch time reduced from 12 to 10s[*]calls: A-10 damage increased
  • modding: added ai parameters following_target_range, following_target_slowdown_range, following_separation_range and squad_join_range
  • modding: squad_size added for character info
  • modding: added volume and position for play_sound
  • modding: added new result type: notify_script with key parameter, includes character_id, position, direction, and key on script side event
  • modding: added damage_as_probability in blast result
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update 1.74 – BRRRRRT!

Hey Runners,
in update 1.74, we focused on fixing several bugs but also added a new radio call provided by the community, the “A-10 Gun Run”! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!

We also added new community goodies, see the section below.

Community Box #4

Our awesome community still has great fun contributing with custom made content. Say hello to our fourth community box which brings a dozen of new weapons going from faction specific grenade launchers being introduced by the new soldier class “grenadiers”, a blowgun with poisonous darts, a compound bow which is a great long distance stealth weapon and a golden AK47 for yo running pimps out there! Only to name a few of them. We also have a new repair tank which will certainly help to support armored vehicles pushing through the front lines.

Community EDELWEISS DLC interview

We decided to open the floor up to some community questions about RWR: EDELWEISS, inviting you to ask us what you wanted to know. We selected a few of these questions and have prepared some answers below.

For the full interview please check the update post on STEAM:

Lastly we wanted to share a bit of music from EDELWEISS with the community. EDELWEISS will have more music than either of our previous two projects, with a unique loading-screen cue for each level. The one we wanted to share today is for the map St. Marie du Mont; a small road-junction town in France which American paratroopers seized early on the morning of D-Day. Composer Karl Feuerstake had this to say about the music:
PACIFIC’s theme was very well-received. It’s catchy and epic, and adds certain instruments to the Orchestra such as the Taiko Drum and Shakuhachi Flute that capture the atmosphere of Pacific warfare well. For a European battlefield, these instruments would’ve been inappropriate; so I had to make do with something else. I decided to employ a bit more restraint with EDELWEISS’ underscore. Battles in the Pacific were intense and brutal, but battles across Western Europe still left a good portion of the countryside undamaged and the beauty of nature remained. To illustrate this in the music I dialed back the intensity and laid greater emphasis on the colours of the Woodwind section; while thunderous Brass and Percussion still have their occasional place, there are many more delicate moments in the music of EDELWEISS.

See you on the battlefield,

Your Osumia Games

Changelog v1.74:

  • calls: A10 gun run call added in invasion, BRRRRRT!
  • maps: fixes here and there
  • weapons: Milkor MGL can now reload 1 round at time again
  • weapons: Shotgun types got a small accuracy boost
  • weapons: Projectile speed of the elite paratroopers SMGs slightly reduced
  • weapons: Taser no longer damage any kind of vest/costume
  • vehicles: AAV7′s GL damage per projectile has been increased
  • vehicles: invasion radar tank received new, ERA covered chassis to visually reflect it’s increased armor
  • items: community box #4 added. More than a dozen of new goodies includes!
  • dominance: fixed dimensioning of the mortar tank mg damage
  • invasion: player faction set to brownpants
  • team elimination: made a few fixes
  • ai: new soldier class – the grenadier. Armed with a faction specific grenade launcher  and a vest
  • ai: detectability of the standing still state being reduced while walking detectability being increased
  • ai: fixed a bug with approaching the entrance point when occupying a stationary weapon
  • misc: fixed XML tag issue on Dragon’s Breath

Changelog v1.74 (PACIFIC DLC):

  • invasion: player faction set to USMC
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update 1.73 out! Beware the lonewolf snipers!

Hey Runners,
Dominance (PvP) mode has gone through some balance improvements and bug fixing, and we’re looking forward to organize a new Dominance event in the next couple of days. To be informed on time, feel free to join the RWR Discord enter !subscribe there to be informed about the next events.

Another online related issue that has been fixed is about the recently added lonewolf snipers, which, unlike other units, didn’t stop attacking even when the player faction had only one base left. This could lead to the last spawn points being locked and therefore making it impossible for the players to spawn.

While Edelweiss continues under development, Pacific is getting some minor changes to make beach landing maps easier to tackle. To address this we raised the performance of the Higgin’s Boat’s machine guns, allowing them to better secure a foothold and lock down the beach with heavy suppressive fire, both when controlled by the AI and players. Alongside this we’ve made some rate of fire changes to all Heavy Machine Guns to make them more akin to their real life versions; and damage performance was adjusted to compensate.

Changelog v1.73:

  • dominance: fixed a crash in the map rotator
  • dominance: increased the soldier capacity variance so that a faction with less bases than the opponent gets a slight soldier capacity boost
  • dominance: initial soldier capacity added so that the maximum soldier capacity (for a single base) is reached right at start
  • dominance: fixed map balancing issues on all assault maps which made one faction more defensive, while the other more offensive
  • dominance: vehicle distribution partially reworked
  • dominance: fixed dimensioning of some weapons which made them useless (Benelli M4 and Golden Desert Eagle)
  • man vs. world: fixed issue that AI soldiers could spawn with a suppressed weapon
  • man vs. world 2 players: fixed issue where AI soldiers could spawn on the player faction due to over capacity parameters of some vehicles
  • maps: few fixes here and there
  • ai: return lonewolves back to own bases if attack percentage goes to 0
  • visuals: reduced flag marker size a little bit
  • modding: added spawn_y_offset for character specs
  • modding: exposed splat map effects layers via objects.svg with effect_splat_layer similar to terrain_layer objects with texture and scale control

Changelog v1.73 (Pacific):

  • weapons: M1919A4 on the Higgins Boat has been improved dramatically for balance, so that beach landing assaults are easier. Its stats now match regular HMG version of M1919A4.
  • weapons: M1919A4 (including vehicle-born versions) rate of fire raised 28% for greater realism, damage and velocity adjusted for balance
  • weapons: Bofors on the PT boat has raised sight range
  • weapons: Type 92 HMG rate of fire reduced 29% for greater realism, damage and velocity raised for balance
  • weapons: Type 92 HMG now has extended sight range since many were issued with high-powered optics
  • vehicles: Reduced AI vision with the LVT Water Buffalo machine guns from 1.3 to 1.15
  • vehicles: Pillboxes and Heavy MGs now add their crewsize to the faction Soldier Capacity so that factions do not lose attackers when they own a plethora of them
  • vehicles: Pillboxes now respawn every 10 minutes instead of 5
  • vehicles: Landing Craft now add some Soldier capacity to help with beach landings
  • vehicles: Landing Craft health raised 50% to allow them to survive one additional strike from infantry-based Anti-Tank weapons
  • vehicles: Destroyed Heavy MG’s no longer block vehicles
  • vehicles: size of the Ka Tsu reduced by 15%
  • maps: Bougainville eastern beach has been slightly reworked (landing beach area increased and the coastal guns now hit less the terrain bumps around them but rather you :)
  • balance: Operation Downfall map has been re-balanced (made easier)
  • script: Operation Downfall phase controller script has been reworked to avoid situations, where the capture order became messed up

Happy running, your Osumia Games

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update 1.72 out now! With Korean localization!

Hello Runners!

First of all:  환영합니다, 한국인 장병 여러분!

Indeed, with the help of the awesome community, RWR has been localized in [b]Korean[/b], special thanks to MarsCow, Leechrang and ith3322!

While the update is mainly focusing on this translation work, there’s also a bunch of bug fixes and a new modified version of the map “Moorland Trenches” called “Moorland Apocalypse” included in online Invasion and as single-player quickmatch. The alternative take on the map is likely well known by people playing Dominance or the mod “Running with the dead”.
In “Moorland Apocalypse”, you start at the center of the map and need to push two enemy factions back who are encircling you. The third and outer faction is rather peaceful until you start messing with them. You can use this as for own advantage when you feel the timing is right.
Moorland Apocalypse
Happy running, your Osumia Games

Changelog v1.72:

  • translation: Korean (special thanks to MarsCow, Leechrang and ith3322!)
  • maps: Moorland Apocalypse (variation of Moorland Trenches) has been added to the invasion map rotator but is also available as quick match map
  • weapons: enforcer de-spawn time increased to match rare weapons
  • vehicles: Guntruck shooting itself with the front MGs fixed
  • invasion: fixed an exploit where you still got XP when repairing a destroyed vehicle
  • campaign: fixed a bug where in some cases the final missions didn’t automatically unlock after annihilating a faction completely
  • visuals: fixed a shadow bug on DirectX
  • mac: fixed issue with ctrl key in inventory view
  • misc: Elite medics now have a small spawn score – not only existing as part of the elite paratrooper call anymore
  • misc: fixed a few typos
  • misc: fixed detonating multiple C4′s with squad command modifier + throw key in fov mode
  • misc: optimized character animation loading
  • misc: moved c4 blast on blast to dominance only
  • modding: added soldier_group_name in character info query
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