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Beta 0.81 is out!

Hey there, For 0.81, the AI has again learned some new tricks with behaving in water areas. They now basically know how to navigate the boats, and won’t consider the rocks beneath water as desirable place to find cover – that was the biggest reason they used to just swim calmly in the shore when [...]

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Beta 0.80 out with a new map!

Hey there! So, again we bring plenty of AI, vehicle and control fixes, check out the change log for the details, but the highlight of this release is our brand new map, Sainte-Anne! We also have the initial steering implementation in now for vehicles in water, with Sainte-Anne featuring a few drivable rubber boats. AI [...]

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Beta 0.79 is out

Hey there! 0.79 is out now with focus on improvements in the AI behavior. We’ve got some patrolling going on in the non-alerted bases, walking, crouching and moving on prone affects how detectable soldiers are to AI and there’s a new designated role for one AI soldier to drive the faction’s comms truck in Vaaleakoski [...]

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