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RWR Beta 0.74 released

Attention! Beta 0.74 mostly brings further improvements on the vehicle gameplay. The turret functions now fine on non-even ground as well, the AI is now able to handle the gunner role in APC, armored vehicles take more than one explosive hit to break down, and, there are now new models for broken vehicles! AI behavior [...]

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RWR in Steam?

Hey there! As some of you know, RWR is now in Steam Greenlight waiting for upvotes to get in Steam. Those who have already joined the beta and pre-purchased RWR will get an additional Steam key to activate RWR in Steam, if RWR gets greenlit. Start voting! Also, after quite a break, I made a [...]

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RWR 0.73 is out

0.73 is now out with plenty of improvements! Most importantly, a trophy panel is now shown in the menu, where you can view your total stats and badges you’ve earned. The new winter map has been pretty much finalized now, mostly the end bases went through bigger changes. Vehicle steering has been improved, the sliding [...]

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RWR for Linux coming along nicely

I’ve been working on porting the graphical side of RWR to Linux the past few days, and results are starting to surface now! Ogre OpenGL renderer seems very functional, albeit all Cg shaders still fail to load as evident in the image above (outlines missing, shadows work only partially, etc..), likely just a configuration error [...]

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