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Beta 0.582 is out, yet another critical fix release

A problem with map loading was found in beta 0.58 which occurred on certain PCs, causing map2 loading to abort. 0.582 fixes it by setting the floating point precision to something specific when initializing the game, rather than relying on the default setting which might be different on different PCs causing slightly different calculation results [...]

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Beta 0.58 released, now with 100% more water

Yay, finally some water for those beaches and docks in the second map! Beta 0.58 also brings clipboard paste functionality, better falling motion, global (just online session wide really) chat, and a bunch of minor fixes. See the change log for details.

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Beta 0.572 released, including a critical fix for map2, for some

As it says in the topic, map2 refused to load up on some people’s computers, resulting in a crash every time. Map1 seemingly loaded up ok without crashing, but a lot of objects were misplaced in the map. Beta 0.572 fixes that; big thanks to those who helped to locate the issue! Other tiny changes [...]

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Beta 0.57 is out, with more minor fixes

Beta 0.57 is out, bringing some essential usability and bug fixes. Also this time as a minor experiment, the weapon is no longer randomly chosen when respawning, instead, the weapon stays the same as before getting killed. This should enable slightly more focused class-like approach to the gaming. Let’s see how it fits. See the [...]

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