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Beta 0.70 is out!

Hey there! Beta 0.70 was released a few days ago and should be available at both Desura and BMTMicro by now. 0.70 introduces another vehicle type in the game, namely armored truck. The truck provides a new tactical element for attacking enemy bases by players using the truck as a spawn point on enemy territory, [...]

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Beta 0.692 is out

The even hotter fix for beta 0.69 is now out, mostly fixing more urgent online stability issues, but also enabling tighter control over capture zones for maps. This means that you can no longer capture a base from the edges of it, but you or your fellow soldiers need to get closer to the base [...]

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Beta 0.691 is out

The hot fix for beta 0.69 is now out, fixing the nasty new bugs, over-wall shooting issues, jeep engine audio bugs and bunch of others, that slipped testing in 0.69. See the change log for details on the forum.

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Beta 0.69 is out, introducing rocket launcher!

Hey there! Beta 0.69 is finally out, available at both Desura and BMTMicro. 0.69 introduces the M72 LAW one-shot rocket launcher as the first secondary weapon to put those jeeps out of their misery, well, and a few enemy soldiers too I’m sure. Other significant changes include preliminary jeep engine sounds, online stability improvements, easier [...]

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