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RWR 1.63 is out – Happy new year 2018!

Greetings Runners! Today we’re releasing the last of 11 major updates in 2017. Just recently many people noticed how unintentionally easy it had become to crush soldiers with tanks, unfortunately friendlies as well, which lead to lots of teamkills and thus irritation when fighting near tanks. To remedy that, the character-vehicle collision has been tuned [...]

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RWR 1.62 is out – new vehicles for the PACIFIC DLC

Hey there! RUNNING WITH RIFLES version 1.62 is out! As another fine tuning update, this time we worked on improving vehicles, boats and tanks in particular, along with vehicle “ghost” rendering when occluded by other visuals and some new particle effects. Another rare weapon has also been added in campaign and Invasion, there can never [...]

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PACIFIC DLC is out now!

Good day, Runners! Woohoo the PACIFIC DLC is finally there, waiting for you! The idea for Pacific initially rose before the release of Running with Rifles on Steam, thus in the beta phase of the game. 3 modders and fans of military history games who all made solid mods for RWR (Overlord, Running with Trench [...]

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PACIFIC DLC launch date – 26 October 2017!

Greetings Runners! We’ve got some great news to share with you guys today! After having to postpone the release date of the DLC, we now have better news for you; the release of the PACIFIC DLC is right around the corner, just a bit more than a week to wait and you will be able [...]

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