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RWR 1.0 is live!

Hey there runners! RUNNING WITH RIFLES has just gone golden! We have officially left Early Access, and we wholeheartedly thank all the alpha and beta phase players for the past 4 years. We received a lot of encouraging feedback and great suggestions that helped us make RWR into what it is today, unlocking a wealth [...]

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Beta 0.99.9 is out, demo updated!

Hey there runners! Beta 0.99.9 was released during the weekend, and with it we wiped the Official Invasion and Dominance server player profiles as promised – yay, everyone got to start from Private again! Was both funny and great to watch 40 players, old and new, fight through the maps without any of the high [...]

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1.0 release date set, released!

Hey runners! After 4 years of intense development with the last 12 months on Steam Early Access, Modulaatio Games is proud to announce the 1.0 release date for RUNNING WITH RIFLES. Next week we’ll release our last beta version 0.99.9 (wanna bet on ) and on April 2nd 2015, RWR 1.0 will be released [...]

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Beta is out

Hey there, Gonna keep the blog post tight this time, but first take a look at this fine moment of bots doing the riot shield train! In this weekly update we tackled the following issues: – AI: fixed driving with long and slow vehicles occasionally being detected stuck in perfectly open road – AI: new [...]

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