update 1.74 – BRRRRRT!

Hey Runners,
in update 1.74, we focused on fixing several bugs but also added a new radio call provided by the community, the “A-10 Gun Run”! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!

We also added new community goodies, see the section below.

Community Box #4

Our awesome community still has great fun contributing with custom made content. Say hello to our fourth community box which brings a dozen of new weapons going from faction specific grenade launchers being introduced by the new soldier class “grenadiers”, a blowgun with poisonous darts, a compound bow which is a great long distance stealth weapon and a golden AK47 for yo running pimps out there! Only to name a few of them. We also have a new repair tank which will certainly help to support armored vehicles pushing through the front lines.

Community EDELWEISS DLC interview

We decided to open the floor up to some community questions about RWR: EDELWEISS, inviting you to ask us what you wanted to know. We selected a few of these questions and have prepared some answers below.

For the full interview please check the update post on STEAM:

Lastly we wanted to share a bit of music from EDELWEISS with the community. EDELWEISS will have more music than either of our previous two projects, with a unique loading-screen cue for each level. The one we wanted to share today is for the map St. Marie du Mont; a small road-junction town in France which American paratroopers seized early on the morning of D-Day. Composer Karl Feuerstake had this to say about the music:
PACIFIC’s theme was very well-received. It’s catchy and epic, and adds certain instruments to the Orchestra such as the Taiko Drum and Shakuhachi Flute that capture the atmosphere of Pacific warfare well. For a European battlefield, these instruments would’ve been inappropriate; so I had to make do with something else. I decided to employ a bit more restraint with EDELWEISS’ underscore. Battles in the Pacific were intense and brutal, but battles across Western Europe still left a good portion of the countryside undamaged and the beauty of nature remained. To illustrate this in the music I dialed back the intensity and laid greater emphasis on the colours of the Woodwind section; while thunderous Brass and Percussion still have their occasional place, there are many more delicate moments in the music of EDELWEISS.

See you on the battlefield,

Your Osumia Games

Changelog v1.74:

  • calls: A10 gun run call added in invasion, BRRRRRT!
  • maps: fixes here and there
  • weapons: Milkor MGL can now reload 1 round at time again
  • weapons: Shotgun types got a small accuracy boost
  • weapons: Projectile speed of the elite paratroopers SMGs slightly reduced
  • weapons: Taser no longer damage any kind of vest/costume
  • vehicles: AAV7′s GL damage per projectile has been increased
  • vehicles: invasion radar tank received new, ERA covered chassis to visually reflect it’s increased armor
  • items: community box #4 added. More than a dozen of new goodies includes!
  • dominance: fixed dimensioning of the mortar tank mg damage
  • invasion: player faction set to brownpants
  • team elimination: made a few fixes
  • ai: new soldier class – the grenadier. Armed with a faction specific grenade launcher¬† and a vest
  • ai: detectability of the standing still state being reduced while walking detectability being increased
  • ai: fixed a bug with approaching the entrance point when occupying a stationary weapon
  • misc: fixed XML tag issue on Dragon’s Breath

Changelog v1.74 (PACIFIC DLC):

  • invasion: player faction set to USMC
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