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RWR in media

Well look at that! RUNNING WITH RIFLES has got some press coverage recently, since a while actually. Adam Smith from Rock, Paper, Shotgun wrote a few impressions based on the latest videos, while Space-Biff went hands-on and played some heavy battles in the latest beta — just look at this screenshot — and found 5 [...]

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Beta 0.63 has been released!

Beta 0.63 comes with a lot of new small things. Most importantly, there’s a fix for the seemingly random client side crash that’s been bugging everyone lately. There’s some new visual stuff like rank icons, a victory image and rank progression (XP if you will) indicators. The soldiers are now also able to move and [...]

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That was fast; beta 0.62 is out!

A big unfortunate last minute bug had found its way into beta 0.61 making the life of multiplayers miserable – beta 0.62 makes it right again and is available for download right now. For completeness sake, enjoy the change log.

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Beta 0.61 is out!

Hey there! This time, the new version introduces a sniper rifle with extended sight range, third map (although very much work-in-progress), and a revamped base capture logic with a new HUD indicator. Other than that, there are some minor bug fixes and slight optimizations, sorted out in detail here.

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