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Linux/Win dedicated server builds released

Those of you eager to turn their VPS’s into RWR servers, this stuff is for you! For the download links to both Linux and Windows builds and guides on how to set them up, check out this forum post. Special thanks to StinkyTaco for being the first one to run an RWR dedicated server on [...]

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Beta 0.71 out now, PvP match coming up

Like the title says, there’s a new version out! What makes this version a bit special is that it’s compatible with the dedicated servers that are about to emerge in a few days’ time. On the minor fix and improvement side, there are new map markers, some vehicle steering issues have been fixed and rock [...]

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Next up: dedicated servers

As some of you know, I’ve been working my ass off the past 3 weeks to shape the existing code to support dedicated servers. Most of the work has been done now, I can run the game in a console without any graphics, sounds or immediate input handling, and on my rig it’s using about [...]

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