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Pre-alpha 0.11 has been released

Pre-alpha 0.11 is out, download it here. The detailed change log can be found in the forum, mainly it’s just about bug fixes and finding a better balance for things like grenades, points, AI, covering, but also there’s the keyboard config, line of sight helper and player marker, not to mention a new base called [...]

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The forum is up now

Hey guys! Thanks for all the feedback you’ve been sending about the pre-alpha 0.1, I would never have expected to reach over 20k views with the youtube video and receive over 200 blog comments in just a handful of days. Never try to estimate the power of news at Rock, Paper, Shotgun and TIGSource, right? [...]

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The first prealpha is out

Alright, prealpha 0.1 version of “Running with rifles” has been released, so go ahead and start downloading and give it a go! As the naming implies, it is indeed prealpha, meaning that it’s nowhere near final yet and a lot of potential is still unused in what comes to features, appearance and balancing. I’ve also [...]

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