Monthly Archives: December 2011

Beta 0.56, minor fixes

Beta 0.56 is available! This release is mainly a minor bug fix release, improving load times, tweaking behavior regarding roofs, adding some new props on map 2, and a few others. See the change log on the forum for details.

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Beta 0.55 with accessible roofs

Not quite on time before the XMAS weekend like I promised at least here in Finland, but close enough — beta 0.55 is available to pre-purchasers starting now! Most importantly, roof tops are now accessible which brings a whole new dimension to combat. Some new props, dynamic crosshair, aiming fixes, several changes for AI and [...]

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DIYGamer test-drives the beta demo

The nice fellows at DIYGamer spent a while with RUNNING WITH RIFLES beta demo – see here what they thought about it! On another note, I’m currently working hard to get a fresh release out before the Christmas weekend!

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