update 1.73 out! Beware the lonewolf snipers!

Hey Runners,
Dominance (PvP) mode has gone through some balance improvements and bug fixing, and we’re looking forward to organize a new Dominance event in the next couple of days. To be informed on time, feel free to join the RWR Discord enter !subscribe there to be informed about the next events.

Another online related issue that has been fixed is about the recently added lonewolf snipers, which, unlike other units, didn’t stop attacking even when the player faction had only one base left. This could lead to the last spawn points being locked and therefore making it impossible for the players to spawn.

While Edelweiss continues under development, Pacific is getting some minor changes to make beach landing maps easier to tackle. To address this we raised the performance of the Higgin’s Boat’s machine guns, allowing them to better secure a foothold and lock down the beach with heavy suppressive fire, both when controlled by the AI and players. Alongside this we’ve made some rate of fire changes to all Heavy Machine Guns to make them more akin to their real life versions; and damage performance was adjusted to compensate.

Changelog v1.73:

  • dominance: fixed a crash in the map rotator
  • dominance: increased the soldier capacity variance so that a faction with less bases than the opponent gets a slight soldier capacity boost
  • dominance: initial soldier capacity added so that the maximum soldier capacity (for a single base) is reached right at start
  • dominance: fixed map balancing issues on all assault maps which made one faction more defensive, while the other more offensive
  • dominance: vehicle distribution partially reworked
  • dominance: fixed dimensioning of some weapons which made them useless (Benelli M4 and Golden Desert Eagle)
  • man vs. world: fixed issue that AI soldiers could spawn with a suppressed weapon
  • man vs. world 2 players: fixed issue where AI soldiers could spawn on the player faction due to over capacity parameters of some vehicles
  • maps: few fixes here and there
  • ai: return lonewolves back to own bases if attack percentage goes to 0
  • visuals: reduced flag marker size a little bit
  • modding: added spawn_y_offset for character specs
  • modding: exposed splat map effects layers via objects.svg with effect_splat_layer similar to terrain_layer objects with texture and scale control

Changelog v1.73 (Pacific):

  • weapons: M1919A4 on the Higgins Boat has been improved dramatically for balance, so that beach landing assaults are easier. Its stats now match regular HMG version of M1919A4.
  • weapons: M1919A4 (including vehicle-born versions) rate of fire raised 28% for greater realism, damage and velocity adjusted for balance
  • weapons: Bofors on the PT boat has raised sight range
  • weapons: Type 92 HMG rate of fire reduced 29% for greater realism, damage and velocity raised for balance
  • weapons: Type 92 HMG now has extended sight range since many were issued with high-powered optics
  • vehicles: Reduced AI vision with the LVT Water Buffalo machine guns from 1.3 to 1.15
  • vehicles: Pillboxes and Heavy MGs now add their crewsize to the faction Soldier Capacity so that factions do not lose attackers when they own a plethora of them
  • vehicles: Pillboxes now respawn every 10 minutes instead of 5
  • vehicles: Landing Craft now add some Soldier capacity to help with beach landings
  • vehicles: Landing Craft health raised 50% to allow them to survive one additional strike from infantry-based Anti-Tank weapons
  • vehicles: Destroyed Heavy MG’s no longer block vehicles
  • vehicles: size of the Ka Tsu reduced by 15%
  • maps: Bougainville eastern beach has been slightly reworked (landing beach area increased and the coastal guns now hit less the terrain bumps around them but rather you :)
  • balance: Operation Downfall map has been re-balanced (made easier)
  • script: Operation Downfall phase controller script has been reworked to avoid situations, where the capture order became messed up

Happy running, your Osumia Games

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