update 1.72 out now! With Korean localization!

Hello Runners!

First of all:  환영합니다, 한국인 장병 여러분!

Indeed, with the help of the awesome community, RWR has been localized in [b]Korean[/b], special thanks to MarsCow, Leechrang and ith3322!

While the update is mainly focusing on this translation work, there’s also a bunch of bug fixes and a new modified version of the map “Moorland Trenches” called “Moorland Apocalypse” included in online Invasion and as single-player quickmatch. The alternative take on the map is likely well known by people playing Dominance or the mod “Running with the dead”.
In “Moorland Apocalypse”, you start at the center of the map and need to push two enemy factions back who are encircling you. The third and outer faction is rather peaceful until you start messing with them. You can use this as for own advantage when you feel the timing is right.
Moorland Apocalypse
Happy running, your Osumia Games

Changelog v1.72:

  • translation: Korean (special thanks to MarsCow, Leechrang and ith3322!)
  • maps: Moorland Apocalypse (variation of Moorland Trenches) has been added to the invasion map rotator but is also available as quick match map
  • weapons: enforcer de-spawn time increased to match rare weapons
  • vehicles: Guntruck shooting itself with the front MGs fixed
  • invasion: fixed an exploit where you still got XP when repairing a destroyed vehicle
  • campaign: fixed a bug where in some cases the final missions didn’t automatically unlock after annihilating a faction completely
  • visuals: fixed a shadow bug on DirectX
  • mac: fixed issue with ctrl key in inventory view
  • misc: Elite medics now have a small spawn score – not only existing as part of the elite paratrooper call anymore
  • misc: fixed a few typos
  • misc: fixed detonating multiple C4′s with squad command modifier + throw key in fov mode
  • misc: optimized character animation loading
  • misc: moved c4 blast on blast to dominance only
  • modding: added soldier_group_name in character info query
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