RWR Beta 0.74 released


Beta 0.74 mostly brings further improvements on the vehicle gameplay. The turret functions now fine on non-even ground as well, the AI is now able to handle the gunner role in APC, armored vehicles take more than one explosive hit to break down, and, there are now new models for broken vehicles!

AI behavior with bazookas has been improved a lot, they are now more effective in stopping vehicles rather than getting just themselves killed :) The commander AI has also gone through some strategic changes, so you should experience even more flanking maneuvers and more widely spread attack and defense forces when playing on higher soldier counts.

See this forum post for the detailed change log.

The next update will be all about the AI driving finally, can’t wait to see the outcome of that!

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  1. woczarder
    Posted November 22, 2012 at 00:30 | Permalink

    Nice! For each update game is gettingbetter and better :)