RWR for Linux coming along nicely

I’ve been working on porting the graphical side of RWR to Linux the past few days, and results are starting to surface now!

Ogre OpenGL renderer seems very functional, albeit all Cg shaders still fail to load as evident in the image above (outlines missing, shadows work only partially, etc..), likely just a configuration error on my end. I’ve also found few little somethings in the code that caused severe issues on Linux but surprisingly Windows didn’t mind those at all.

After I’m done with the graphics side, next up on the porting to-do is the sound system (made by Prodigium Game Studios for Floorball League, to be correct) using OpenAL. Again, it shouldn’t take more than a few full days to get the stuff in order, OpenAL is after all cross-platform and all.

I can’t say yet exactly when RWR for Linux is good to go for release, after audio I still need to check a fair amount of things and study a bunch of things about distributing Linux apps without sources. I’m fairly sure beta 0.73 will be out before that — 0.73 to be out next week by the way — but I promise to make haste.

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  1. patrick
    Posted October 8, 2012 at 09:02 | Permalink

    A very good news indeed … May be, one day, I could just wipe windows from my computer … one day …

    • Rev
      Posted October 8, 2012 at 15:23 | Permalink

      I’m saying that to myself since several years now… :p
      It’s getting closer nowadays though, as you have good multiplatform dev tools which allows you to make quality games for linux as well. But it may take a few years to go