RWR 1.30 with Steam Workshop support

Hey there!

RWR 1.30 with Steam Workshop support and a few other nice updates was released some days wow, two weeks ago; check out this news post in Steam for details!

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RWR 1.23 released

Hey there!

RWR 1.23 has been released with the following changes:

  • ai: fixed AI only using the first suitable call regardless of having enough of XP/RP for others
  • weapons: very rare machinegun added: the MG-42
  • weapons: very rare high caliber sniper rifle added: the Lahti-L39
  • weapons: very rare sawn-off shotgun (secondary weapon) added
  • weapons: WB-II microgun slightly rebalanced (stronger)
  • weapons:Anti-tank Javelin despawn time raised from 45 to 90s (now similar to a rare weapon)
  • items: fixed EOD vest where a AI soldier barely spawned with a EOD vest, just the visual model (this time for real!)
  • dominance (pvp) mode: elite soldier models for players with ranks of General
  • dominance (pvp) mode: Frozen Canyon slightly rebalanced
  • maps: several fixes here and there
  • modding: mines and explosives now have a new parameter, by default: can_be_detected_by_driver=”0″
  • misc: added sniper tag for the Dragunov SVD
  • misc: fixed camouflage suit not showing in dominance mode
  • misc: fixed an exploit where you could duplicate weapons
  • misc: reduced screen shakiness for C4 explosions

Behind the scenes, we’re working on adding support for Steam Workshop. Some very cool new type of mods are being worked on in the community, for example Wave Defense and D-Day (no public release yet) with new maps and game modes, and while some of these mods are playable already by installing them manually, Steam Workshop will help a great deal by making the installation more fluent and automatic with updates in the future.

We’ve also got some new translations, Portuguese and Polish, coming in soon after the update!

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RWR 1.22 released

Hey runners!

We’ve just released version 1.22 which is mainly a quick fix patch.

We also want to seize the occasion to let you know that this year again, IndieDB has opened the votes for the “IndieDB Game of the Year 2015” award.

Back in days of beta version, RWR was chosen as the Tactical Shooter of the year 2012 and 2013. Let’s give it a shot and try to achieve it once more by voting HERE to get into the top100!

Changelog for version 1.22:
* fix: EOD armor commonness raised to 100% so that this time every designed EOD soldier will spawn with such an armor
* fix: map11: flare_checkpoint vehicle points at the darkcat marker
* fix: several map fixes here and there
* fix: some newer rare weapons were not tagged as rare, thus cleaned from the world twice as fast as expected
* fix: AI grenade usage bug fixed
* fix: inventory view item layout bug fixed
* maps: Railroad Gap map partially redesigned
* maps: lowered the player ai compensation in the Frozen Canyon map to make it slightly easier in invasion
* weapons: javelin ballistic tweaked
* weapons: soldiers carrying javelin(s) now drop at least one on death
* vehicles: collision model of the buggy extended, so that it provides slightly more bullet cover
* vehicles: AI slot priorization order of the buggy exchanged. Now the gunner slot will be taken prior to the passenger seat
* calls: buggy drop call price lowered from 350 to 300RP
* dominance: raised max RP value from 1000 to 2000
* misc: added a custom uniform for “general of the army” rank (mainly relevant for online invasion)[/list]

Also, to give you an idea what we are working on next:

Happy running!

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RWR 1.2 released

Hey Runners!

Woohoo a new patch! RWR has just been updated to version 1.2!

Besides an all new map, we added 2 new vehicles, a few new weapons and added the Final Mission II campaign map to the online cooperative Invasion. The much requested Steam Achievements and Trading cards are also in now.

For a more detailed changelog, continue to the forum post.

Happy running!

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