RWR 1.45 released!

Dear Runners!

First of all, we at Osumia Games (yes, there’s a rename process going on in Modulaatio Games, mostly just a simplification) hope you all started well in the new year!

With today’s 1.45 update we’re introducing 3 new vehicles, a new radio call, a couple of new weapons and something called “gift boxes”!

This is the last major update before we make an exciting announcement in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned and never stop running!

Below you can find a complete list of changes for version 1.45:

weapons: M240 replaced with M60 in the “Man vs. World” campaign. Rambo intimidated us so we had to…
weapons: added Claymores to dominance pvp mode
weapons: Humvee GL range lowered from 1.3 to 1.0 and rate of fire decreased by 20%
weapons: XM-25 projectile blast radius lowered by 15%
weapons: HK MK23 SOCOM burst stealth pistol added as a laptop unlockable
weapons: Honey Badger suppressed burst SMG added – only available from “gift boxes” in invasion/campaign
weapons: M60 MG with Rambo-style hipfire added – only available from “gift boxes” in invasion/campaign
weapons: overall buff of the stock machine pistols
weapons: added retrigger time after the burst shots of the FAMAS and L85A2
weapons: Deployable GL rate of fire increased by 25%
vehicles: Mortar tank added
vehicles: very fast Quad vehicle added
vehicles: supply Quad added – fast armory vehicle with restricted armory
vehicles: terrain friction/drag offset parameters added for most wheeled vehicles
valuables: laptop item added – unlocks custom stealth weapons
valuables: “gift boxes” added – sell them for a surprise!
items: black ops stealth armor added as a laptop unlockable – has a night detectability bonus
items: vests Type III now have a 8% speed penalty
maps: several fixes here and there
balance: Vigil Island and Iron Enclave map difficulty in coop lowered (especially with a high amount of players)
campaign: repair wrench now also added in the campaign as a Supply Quad resource
campaign: renaming “less hard” difficulty to “casual”
fix: custom costume not showing in winter maps fixed
fix: patrol ship’s physics now less affected by low water levels
fix: fixed some alt-tab loading screen crashes
fix: fixed Russian & Chinese language UTF8 crashes
modding: added last_burst_retrigger_time for hand weapons with burst shots
modding: added night_detectability parameter for carry items
modding: added y_offset_parameter1 and 2 for scene.xml camera settings
modding: added friction_offset as vehicle physics offset parameter
modding: added drag_offset as vehicle physics offset parameter

thanks to ThinkTank, warbrand2 and tremozl for their contributions and ideas.

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