RWR 1.4 is out!

Hey Runners!

In RWR, you have been told that you are just one among thousands.

That may have been true until today with the Man vs. World mode! This time you’re completely on your own, with nothing but your wits and tenacity to win you through. You’ve got only one life, no respawning – yes, that’s permadeath! The enemies follow the same rule, so at least there’s a hypothetical chance for you to make it…

There is also a “Veteran” difficulty with FoV activated for those who want to push the challenge to an extreme!

Find the mode in the campaign start menu, check it out and see how far you can get!

And that’s not all, Runners! The update features a new 3-faction map called Iron Enclave in Online Invasion!
You’ll find a lot of vehicles, flanking enemies and other interesting surprises in this brand new map!

See the forum post for the complete list of changes!

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  1. UniVerSaLnY
    Posted December 13, 2016 at 22:32 | Permalink

    this game is nice