RWR 1.46 is out!

Hey there!

RWR version 1.46 has been released, it’s mostly a minor fix and tweak release. Check out the changelog below.

maps: fixed several glitches in the Iron Enclave map
maps: fixed a bug with platform wall creation
invasion: wrenches now available at the supply quads AND (mobile) armory
equipment: black ops vest now doesn’t get damaged from stun projectile
equipment: raised the encumbrancy of vests to 4.0 (was 3.0)
equipment: added a 5% speed penalty to riot shields
campaign: unlocked black ops vest and MK23 SOCOM are also available in supply quad inventory
campaign: “Man vs. World” campaign stage 3 crash fixed
vehicles: added small gravity offset for all light vehicles
vehicles: Mortar Tank leave request enabled
vehicles: Quads health points raised to sustain a frag grenade
balancing: elite soldiers don’t suffer from the recently added speed penalty of the vest-III, they now even get a slight speed boost
fix: camouflage suits in winter theme maps now showing properly
ui: stash item number indication added

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