Beta 0.99.5 released

Hey there!

It’s time for our almost weekly update for RWR with 1.0 launch getting closer every day! Check out the full change log here on the forum.

Major topics this time were improving certain HUD aspects, adding some effects for vehicles, getting Mac also use the Steam support we’ve already got in place, and of course fixing bugs.

In the HUD, font was once again changed back to more what it used to be, just with wider translation support for future. Being in base capture region is now visualized by an attack/defense marker on the capture force meter. Some players had also requested for an option to reduce the amount of text shown when hovering with mouse over various targets, it’s now possible to switch it off completely or choose between reduced and normal modes.

Vehicles now explode when they’re being cleaned up, with varying ranges to stun characters nearby the vehicle, rather than just vanishing in thin air. Vehicle off-road driving has been made a little bit more fluent, that one had been annoying me too for quite a while now :)

The next update, 0.99.6, is targeted to be released next weekend again, after which we will concentrate on server side finalization for a while. We’re doing some improvements with Classic, Minimodes and Deathmatch game modes, it’s important to get them in proper shape as well for the 1.0 launch. Exciting times!

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