Beta 0.99.4 released

Hey there!

Beta 0.99.4 is out with some nice tweaks and important fixes, and most prominently, we’ve reached the point when we’re ready to experiment live with the profile sharing servers. InvasionUS and SAS Invasion player profiles have been combined now, with SAS Invasion profiles replacing any matching InvasionUS profiles. In the Online menu, you’ll find a new option of showing only the Official Invasion servers, it’s only these servers that actually use the new feature.

With no doubt, we’ll be adding new servers in the official realm once things get going and the system can be called stable enough. All the servers in the realm need to be using roughly the same settings in order to avoid certain servers being used for points farming and other exploits.

Sort of related, InvasionUS has been replaced with a much more stable server now, we’ll be calling it InvasionUSA. InvasionUS had started to show poor performance, weird disconnects, awful lag spikes, since some time already, so it was about time to retire the old chum.

Regarding Official Invasion servers and profile sharing, if you don’t actually remember your password with your SAS Invasion profile but have set the game to remember it, please join SAS Invasion server first before connecting to any other Official Invasion server, that will make the game remember that profile as your preferred Official Invasion realm profile. Everyone remembers their password anyway, right?

Needless to say, and I’m still going to say it, there’s no reason to expect this system to be bug-free at this point. If you hit weird stuff happening i.e. connecting errors about profile server not being reachable or you notice XP, RP, items, scores not saved between sessions on servers, sudden profile resets back to 0 XP, please do speak about it on the forum. We keep daily backups of the Official Invasion profiles so at least in some cases we should be able to help.

Don’t forget! Tomorrow Sunday it’s again time for the awesome weekly PvP event, this time it’s 2-faction Teddy Hunt in Moorland Trenches played on the St. Louis server, named as eventUS when the event is about to happen. See you on the battlefield!

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  1. necrOxD
    Posted October 27, 2015 at 16:14 | Permalink

    Is it possible to change the password ? Because I put a to small password and I would like to change it..