Beta 0.68 is out!

Beta 0.68 has been released, for BMTMicro customers it’s available right now, Desura customers need to hang in there for a small while for Desura staff to verify that the update is working can now access the update as well.

Here’s the change log for 0.68, briefly put, it includes several crash fixes in online, improved vehicle collision detection, vehicle spawn spots (map3 only now, more and better placed spots in the next version — but hey, you can always mod the maps to place the spots where you’d want them ;) ), and support for designated bases mainly for the PvP maps.

If your beta 0.67 game is telling you to “use your download link” in the menu, just disregard it, BMTMicro customers know what it means and this particular piece of text is gone starting from 0.68.

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RWR now on Desura Alphafunding!

Wow, it’s been busy week so far! There’s a new demo build available, a PvP-map contest (with prizes!) has just begun at the forum and Desura has been finally added as a purchasing option besides BMTMicro!

Those who already pre-purchased RWR via BMTMicro or donated via PayPal will soon receive redeem codes to activate RWR in Desura! Each code will be sent to the e-mail address which was used when making the payment, and those who bought multiple copies will receive multiple redeem codes ready to be delivered further to their rightful owners.

UPDATE: I will update this post once I’ve now managed to send the redeem codes, so if you still feel like you should have got one (or many) and didn’t, you should contact me so that I can sort it out manually.

Those who bought with Google Checkout via BMTMicro and used the anonymous e-mail address feature will most likely not receive the redeem codes in their actual e-mail address inbox. I kindly request you guys to send me an e-mail at so that I can reach you and give you the redeem code, if you’d like to have one.

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New demo out now!

Hey there! I’ve finally updated the demo build from last year’s 0.40 to the fresh 0.67 showing off a big set of new features and bug fixes!

The demo features the single player mode from the full beta with map2 included with some weapon, rank and difficulty limitations. The full version is available to pre-purchasers, see the About-page for the full beta contents and what is coming in the near future.

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Beta 0.67 is out!

Hey guys! Beta 0.67 brings a variety of new stuff for vehicles, weapons and maps, and bug fixes mostly for online gaming.

The vehicle support has been enabled in online matches now for the first time, though it’s mostly just for experimentation at this point; the actual vehicle spawn points are coming soon in the next version!

Weapons now feature weapon-specific muzzle velocities and the possibility to define weapons usable only while crouching or on prone. Also, PKM makes its first appearance in the game as a lighter alternative to M240.

See the complete change log here!

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