0.82 thrown out the window, beta 0.83 is here!

Hey there!

Beta 0.82 release barely managed to grow one day old with 0.83 coming out already – a little mishap with some weapon test settings finding their way into the release, but that’s all bygones now!

0.83 adds two new burst mode weapons in the game and generic support for unlocking weapons using rank. The normal sandbox mode people play single player and on most servers won’t restrict weapons other than grenades and bazookas just the way it has been, but we’re starting to experiment with this idea on the Invasion_US now set up as the cooperative-only online campaign test server.

If you join up Invasion_US, you’ll notice that you start off as a Private with access to 3 weapons. Work your way to next rank and new weapons will become usable. More weapons will be added into Invasion mode almost every release, and we’ll make some crucial changes to enable proper looting to take place. Stats and ranks are saved server side over map changes already, you can peek the scoreboard and status here.

Back to topic, we’ve got plenty of major fixes in the AI, weapon handling, stats and online code, check the change log over here.

Last but not least, enjoy the new cooperative stealth video we put together, can’t wait to get to compile the best of outtakes of these sessions :)

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