RWR 1.23 released

Hey there!

RWR 1.23 has been released with the following changes:

  • ai: fixed AI only using the first suitable call regardless of having enough of XP/RP for others
  • weapons: very rare machinegun added: the MG-42
  • weapons: very rare high caliber sniper rifle added: the Lahti-L39
  • weapons: very rare sawn-off shotgun (secondary weapon) added
  • weapons: WB-II microgun slightly rebalanced (stronger)
  • weapons:Anti-tank Javelin despawn time raised from 45 to 90s (now similar to a rare weapon)
  • items: fixed EOD vest where a AI soldier barely spawned with a EOD vest, just the visual model (this time for real!)
  • dominance (pvp) mode: elite soldier models for players with ranks of General
  • dominance (pvp) mode: Frozen Canyon slightly rebalanced
  • maps: several fixes here and there
  • modding: mines and explosives now have a new parameter, by default: can_be_detected_by_driver=”0″
  • misc: added sniper tag for the Dragunov SVD
  • misc: fixed camouflage suit not showing in dominance mode
  • misc: fixed an exploit where you could duplicate weapons
  • misc: reduced screen shakiness for C4 explosions

Behind the scenes, we’re working on adding support for Steam Workshop. Some very cool new type of mods are being worked on in the community, for example Wave Defense and D-Day (no public release yet) with new maps and game modes, and while some of these mods are playable already by installing them manually, Steam Workshop will help a great deal by making the installation more fluent and automatic with updates in the future.

We’ve also got some new translations, Portuguese and Polish, coming in soon after the update!

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