Beta is out

Hey there,

Gonna keep the blog post tight this time, but first take a look at this fine moment of bots doing the riot shield train!

In this weekly update we tackled the following issues:
- AI: fixed driving with long and slow vehicles occasionally being detected stuck in perfectly open road
- AI: new dialogue and comments added
- campaign: fixed koth maps not respecting faction multiplier settings
- rewards: fixed kill combo bonuses not working in online anymore
- rewards: fixed rounding errors with +1XP/RP rewards
- items: default item drop counts set back to 50% from 100%
- items: fixed item duplication exploit when stunned
- weapons: fixed several cases of character getting stuck when aiming and shooting close to self
- vehicles: fixed far away vehicles getting saved in incorrect orientation
- vehicles: added hint_text support, to be used in playground / tutorial
- dominance: squad “xp cost” reduced to enable squadmates earlier
- dominance: various settings and map tweaks
- scoretable: fixed score sorting in xp score mode
- scoretable: fixed correct text to show for total / match stats when opening it after closing it as match stats
- menu: official dominance server list added
- menu: cleaned up server list entries from showing up momentarily when switching between server lists
- modding: added possibility for different bullet trail effects
- modding: added possibility to remove the default muzzle smoke effect

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