Beta 0.98.5 released

Hey there!

RWR 0.98.5 has just been released! Mostly the polishing and tweaking work continues as seen in the change log, including the earlier 0.98.4, 0.98.3, and the two hot fix updates 0.98.2 and 0.98.1. For 0.98.5 we’ve also added a new online gamemode targeted to provide a tighter PvP(vE) experience versus the sandboxy Classic mode.

The gamemode – we shall refer to it as minimodes until someone comes up with a name for it – features several short objective based scenarios for team based battling between two factions with preferably players for at least 3 vs 3, but the more the merrier. The scenarios take place in varying active zones in Moorland Trenches consisting usually of 2-3 base areas with restricted access outside the zone. To get started, we’ve got modes set up such as

    Team Deathmatch, pretty self-explanatory
    King Of The Hill, fight over one base and defend it for a given time to win
    Team Teddy Hunt, where a crate is spawned at a random location guarded by a few bots, a hint is given about the location and the teams must locate the crate, fight for it and destroy it, and deliver the contents to an armory; while delivering the cargo, both factions see the carrier in the map view

There is a total of 16 zones where the modes take place, and by default, the modes last for 10 minutes each or less in case the target objective score is reached.

Additional modes will be worked on in the next updates. We’ve been bouncing ideas about at least

    a vehicle escort / ambush mode, where one team escorts a vehicle from location A to B while the other attempts to stop the delivery
    assault / defend, where one team builds and defends a base which the other team attempts to reach
    capture the flag mode
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  1. woczarder
    Posted October 23, 2014 at 00:44 | Permalink

    Sweet, teddy hunt. Is this gamemode connected to multiplayer event in the past?

    • JackMayol
      Posted October 25, 2014 at 01:54 | Permalink

      yes, it’s similar, just on a smaller scale and with some improvements.

  2. Gary3
    Posted October 25, 2014 at 20:45 | Permalink

    Been seeing awesome gameplay, looks amazing. I know you guys must get this a lot but any idea or estimate to Mac port? I’m very eager to buy this and sadly I’m part of the 1% of gamers that use a Mac haha :P No rush or anything I imangine it takes loads of time to program and doing work like this but if you guys have any rough estimate that’d be great. Appreciate it, great game. Cheers

    • nnsoch1776
      Posted October 26, 2014 at 07:37 | Permalink

      Ive heard from the dev that it may come out for mac before 1.0, he just needs to polish it up a bit

    • JackMayol
      Posted October 26, 2014 at 10:03 | Permalink

      The first Mac version will come with version 0.99. Shouldn’t take too long and pretty safe to say that if will happen towards the end of next month. Sorry for the delay.