Beta 0.89 out with new map and multi-faction battles

Hey there!

Al Tabul -multiplayer madness on Sunday June 9, 6:00 pm UTC, don’t forget! Keep this open on Sunday, it’s handy!

0.89 is out with some great updates! First, we’ve got the sixth map in now, “Al Tabul”, which is a desert themed assault map with plenty of tanks and other vehicles, we even added a few stationary weapons for the defense.

Second, we’ve got the third faction in the game, and this means you can get those multi-faction battles going on easily now. From my experience, Stalemate and Sainte-Anne make just perfect match for 3 factions; had a great time fighting over the central bases when every faction is attacking to the same location, just hilarious!

The map view has gone through some improvements, zooming is now supported on mouse wheel and from keys which has been needed for quite a while now with the map being a bit tight for all the icons we have in there these days. We’re also starting to experiment with how the map view should actually look like, and 0.89 features the first iteration of that work.

Spotting mechanic has been added now too, so if you’re one of those players who end up strolling behind the enemy lines causing all sorts of mayhem by assaulting their less defended bases, destroying the enemy comms truck or stealing their cargo truck (note, cargo truck theft is only in Invasion online currently), you also get rewards from your faction by locating their vehicles, just hover the crosshair on the vehicle to identify it. This also means for multiplayer that other players will see the vehicles in their map and get notified about them.

All right, that concludes the major new gameplay changes for 0.89, there’s at least 30 other bug fixes or additions, check out the full change log here.

RWR @ Steam Greenlight

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  1. Hspear
    Posted June 11, 2013 at 12:10 | Permalink

    So many tanks, we needs AT mines and, i think, claymors.
    And I hope someday there will be helicopters in the game :)

  2. Morbo
    Posted June 13, 2013 at 07:59 | Permalink

    Looks like Road to Jalalabad from BF2, awesome!

  3. Vesuvia
    Posted July 7, 2013 at 04:22 | Permalink

    Whenever there isnt an update for a while I always asume its something big, I hope it is this time.