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PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 4:13 am 

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Info: this will require a team to be put together. But I am working on a concept for a campaign. Bellow will be the concept so far.

Campaign: Unknown aggression
player faction: Grey
enemy faction: Militia
sub factions: Green and brown.

info: an anarchist orgignization who has taken over a country, driven out most of the civilians and now are trying to extort it for their own personal wealth.
rifles: ak47, ak74u (not blue for this campaign)
SMG: Bizon
snipers: Browns sniper, VSS (not blue for this campaign), m107 (on their commando units)
Shotguns: spas12, mossberg
LMG: none until map 4 where they start getting m240s (at which point american weapons end up in their hands)

rocket launcher: RPG-7, laws(on map 4 onward)

Militia units
raiders: standard units equal to your standard soldiers.

PMC: Private miltiary soldiers, are armed with better weapons use the f2k as their main gun always have vest IIs

warlords: their elites, dressed in flashy clothing using what ever they think looks cool. Always have a vest III, use rarer weapons (as is meant for single player, they have a 50% chance to have a freakign mg42)

commando: armed with an m107 stolen from american supplies (map4) these guys are a big threat alwyas have black ops armor.

Riot soldiers: armed in police riot gear(their EOD skin) and equiped with shotguns these guys are drugged up and don't care about life, worse of all unlike faction EODs they maybe armed with flamethrowers or dragons breath shotguns.

more types may appear depending on map.


humvee spawn: patriot technical
tank: Browns tank
APC: NA until map 4 then greens APCs
OTHER: they spawn with gun trucks on most maps, and have dark cat and hell cat tanks (hellcats are just the radar tank skinned black with "gun ports" two on the rear one on the front. all use brown LMG stats.

Start map

Opening siege
map type: coastal
map start: players start as grey on one of four hovercraft type landing craft (need models) the commander details what is going on then the "doors" on the hovercraft open (same script as map12's gate but on a timer.)

Story is you are attacking a small country in Europe, that is unnamed near Russia. The local Russian government was thrown out via an armed coop. On the first map you are taking a small coastal town with a large shipping dock which will be the opener for this containment war.

Player faction vehicles: two of the hover craft have Mraps (unique higher armor humvees for the campaign will be on every map) one is armed the other is not. (one has an MG the other has nothing) one of the craft will have an armory truck, and another will have a unique to campaign stash truck. (uses the RP truck model)

Map flow: the player moves up the beach taking a gas station with their faction and then to the city this is a small map with only 6 points, two of which are owned by the player the rest are "neutral" aka white but owned by the militia.

once the player takes the map they will have an exit point to the north at a helipad where a cargo copter spawns.

Unique campaign trait: at the end of each map the player is promoted to a min rank if they haven't got there and given 3,000 RP. So by the end of map one if the player doesn't have 2,500 XP they are promoted to the point of having that.

MAP TWO: mountain pass

MAp start: the map starts with the player spawning at a helipad just to the west of a large mountain pass. there is only one road in the center. And you and what ever forces tehy can land in need to take it and wipe out the enemy base.

map flow: this map is more or less Fridge valley with the two side roads removed, one base is replaced with a helipad F.O.B the other is replaced with a ranshackled village. The map is snow based. And in the center is a large ravine with a highway going from the top to the bottom. Both main bases are set up to look like this is the top of a mountain the center bases are lower down on the ground then the rest in a kill zone but the two "trenches" are ambush points that need to be taken. Once both are in the players hands Tanks will spawn from the south center, allowing you to push the last two bases with armor.

Note there are mountain roads going up the cliffs on both sides but they are dangerous and have TOWS.

Story note: The commander at the start tells the player that the americans have taken an airfield central to the country as such you have been granted paratrooper access. This unlocks the "elite" paratroopers which call in Green paratroopers. Note you do not have para 4 or 8 at this point.

Once you take the last base the commander will chime in stating that Rest crates are being airdropped and once you are ready gear up and join a convoy to take the nearby city. the rest crates are 3 wooden crates airdropped in that have beer, porn mags, and a radio. All of which can be turned in for RP.

players XP is jumped to 5,000 if they don't have it and are given 2,000 more RP.


Map base: railroad gap.

spawn change: instead of spawning at the gas station the player spawns to the west on the road. An aircraft carrier is added to the map crashed into the port.

spawn: the player spawns in a destroyed convoy, to the left are two destroyed brown tanks, to the right is one destroyed guntruck. A lot of blood is around the convoy. The convoy its self has 3 destroyed transport trucks, a destroyed gun truck at the front with its forward MGs still working, and an armory truck at the rear.

commander: the commander will call in asking for a report stating that the bandits are fielding some sort of weapon you need to take the gas station and hold it while they bring in reinforcements.

First objective is to take the gas station. Which will have MG3 deploys(unique) and sandbags spawn after being taken by the players faction. (the reason the enemy doesn't have them is they don't have the deploys and the sand bags are a unique version map wise. which the enemy also doesn't have)

once the point is taken a timer will start for 3 minutes hold against the enemies as they push into you. Take them out and hold the point until reinforcements arrive.

Reinforcements: two green tanks with Green soldiers will spawn allied to the player (unit class) pushing in.

American: Did you guys ask for the Calvary cause if so we need to take out their AA then find out what the hell took out or aircraft carrier.

Flow from this point push the city At terminus an AA gun will be found, use C4 to blow it (the commander even asks for it.) once you blow it elite paratroopers will be dropped on the race track. And a push will be made to the dock where the first encounter with a hellcat will happen. IT will not spawn until the player takes chem factory at which point the Militia will gain a faction double and their hellcat. Said population increase will be removed upon its destruction but you have two tanks. IT only has a dual 20mm with 3 MGs.(well you have 2 tanks if the tows on the bridge didn't destroy them... they do not respawn.)

Upon beating the hellcat and taking the last base the american's will radio in.

american: Command we have a problem, our main F.O.B is under siege we need anyone you can spare. ASAP.

A cargo copter spawns on the wrecked aircraft carrier, and you use that to get to the next map.

Map four: ally down.
info: upon starting the map you will spawn in a crashed copter with a few new and unique to the map spec ops soldiers (lonewolf but join squad and have SMGs and black ops)

Spawn point: crashed copter, teh copter its self has an armory with MP5s and black ops suits. This is a stealth mission at the start as you have 4 allies and must take a nearby point.

may design: the map is unique a forest map with a large paved airport in the center in fact the airport is the main objective of the map. once you get an FOB. Which is a unique feature to this king of the hill map. First you need to take one of the three cap able points on the map. Once you do the objective changes to take the airport.

The map is highly infantry based but what ever faction has the airport has a green APC.


new weapons added: american weapons
Riot soldier changes: uses Green EOD skin.
Commando added
greens APC added to their armor
the patriots you have been fighting for the last few maps are replaced with Humvees.

New elite units

P.M.C. commander: equiped with a vest III and experemental weapons these are a force to be feared (microgun, paw-20, APJ, milkor, and other heavy weapons)
P.M.C. trooper: equipped with Bizons and vest III's

enemy note: P.M.C units have black armor, militia units have mroe white and blue in their color.

As the map goes on, near the end enemy paratroopers drop in P.M.C units armed with ump40s. the commander makes a note of wondering who is bank rolling these guys as this is more gear then any Militia unit should have.

once the map is finished. Another cargo copter appears on the airfield and map five can start.


you can take one of tree F.O.B points at the start, each one has a different vehicle it can give. To the east is a gas station which gives two gun truck spawns. To the south is the US remnants which gives you a 20 soldier boost and US soldiers for the map. And to the west is a mansion which has a unique to it light tank from the DLC, requires repairs to use though.

No mater what the militia spawns from the north. which is where the airport was taken from.

MAP five: Russian collars
info: the first 3 faction fight, it is on map1's expanded version the militia controls most the map and brown controls one base.

Story at start: the commander is dumbfounded as it turns out that the browns are now joining the fight but instead of helping to retake the country for its people like Green and grey they are wanting to take it for themselves. This means you have to fight both the Militia and the browns.

Other then that there is no major story in this map. Just take out the militia and the browns. Note from this mission forward you nolonger have the elite paratroopers but instead have para 4 and 8.

once the map is done crago copter spawns at airfield and you are told soldiers are being transfered to a marine attack

MAP SIX: large target
map base: misty heights.

Story: Rumors of a weapons lab in the area have lead to a naval assault on a compound

map changes/info: the city is completely gutted and replaced with a lab. two hellcats spawn as their vehicles. During the map the commander will talk about some large target at the chem plant at the back. (which has a wall around it.) once the whole map but the chem plant is taken, the walls will blow down and the first encounter with a dark cat is seen. At this point you only have P.M.C enemies and their dark cat.

IT will try to retake the whole map and push you back to the shore. Take it out and the enemy will surrender. The commander wondering what the hell that was, and you still need to retake the ground lost, which is easy as the P.M.C units are out of play and the militia units are down to just their base units for this point.

Heading to the chem plant afterwords you find another dark cat. in a bay with low health.

Commander: Secure the area, lets take that toy and use it against them.

MAP seven: Siege on the capital

one of the last maps. it is based on rattlesnake crescent the player starts at the airfield at the back, and unlike the base game version this version is heavily defended TOWs, Miniguns, GL deploys and the works. And you have to take the HQ bases from the airfield.

the good news you have a dark cat and by now the player should be a 2 star general (via MAP XP and gameplay but mostly MAP XP.) From here you use the dark cat to take the city a simple map. No scripting just a simply play map designed to make the player fill powerful. the enemy does have armor in teh form of Humvee's, patriots, brown tanks, and gun trucks.

But you have a dark cat, 4 armed Mraps, and two tanks.

MAP eight: Long live the king

info: after taking the capital the command learned that the Militia in the area was actually working for the P.M.C not the P.M.C working for the militia. And it turns out they have a main base in the marshes to the south.

Guess what this map is. A large marsh map with 11 facilities that need to be taken. Only the P.M.C units spawn as enemies. And your don't get your vehicles outside of rubber boats, a few AAV's and a single tank which is limited in mobility.

The map is large has a lot of open area, and has unique hostile defenses. Being claymores set in the water, and pillboxes armed with explosive rounds. This isn't an easy fight. Even worse when you realize the PMC has lone wolf soldiers whos job it is to just cause chaos and pick off any soldier that strays from a group.

Thankfully your start base has some heavy defenses with mg3 deploys and miniguns. And you once again have the American elite paratroopers.(the american calls over chat stating our busses are back in the air, call in forces when needed)

the map is hard, lots of traps, lots of turrets and with deep water hidden in shallows and only a few AAV's for armor taking the points will be hard.

Map nine: P.M.C down
info: at the end of the last map the P.M.C surrenders but you learn that the browns have pushed back in and have taken a small town, the problem is they have laced that town with AA guns, and are working to convert it into a staging area.

This map is map11. With half the towers replaced with AA guns. instead of spawning on a crash site though you spawn at a convoy two transport trucks 5 spawn poitns and only spec ops soldiers to spawn on your side.

You have allies the SMG lone wolf type. And your objective is simple take some C4 and blow every AA gun in the town so it can be bombed to dust before they turn it into an FOB.

As you blow the third tower you will get a message, the browns have attacked the main base at the coastal town, destroying it and stealling the dark cat. When you are done they want you on a mission to take it back or blow it up.

MAp ten: area 69
info: map 12 but heavily moddified twice the size with the player spawning at an helicopter base, green elite paratroopers have taken it. And brown units are spawning from cargo copters. The flow is similar to map12's but with twice the points.

the first point is the helipads. there you see large deco transport trucks and a large deco helicopter obviously what they used to move it. You must hold the helipad from a defense like with standard map 12.

then you push into the ruins, which are an old castle long sense forgotten. Taking it and blowing the jammer there blows two holes in the wall for the barracks. There you must fight your way through a heavily defended military town which has two points. Here browns APC's spawns three of them to be exact. Unce you take them out, two mustela's are dropped in. and the objective is to move up a hill to the north taking out the main control facility and breaking into area 69.

From there the objective is simple Take out the dark cat by any means nesisary. Like on map16 the enemy will be highly defensive. but they have a darkcat and two radar tanks. (weaker then the hellcat as they are just base m113s with its gun, in fact the main gun looks damaged and is less accurate)

Take out the Browns darkcat, and win the game. Simple as that, the commander congratulates the player on taking out the threat and says this is just the binging of a larger war now, but everyone here has earned some RnR.

I regret even hearing of this game!

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As per discord, I'll work on your commander intro briefings.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 4:53 am 

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anoshi wrote:
As per discord, I'll work on your commander intro briefings.

Thank you.

I will be doing the Militia models of this week as well.

Starting tomorrow with hopes I will have all the militia and PMC models done in the week.

I regret even hearing of this game!

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