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PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:52 am 

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So, we all know that the AI is broken, and player control is inadequate for an open-world game. For eg, we cannot put down a small defending force to disable enemy spawn points (see viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3475). By the way, this game is very similar to DOTA (and LoL), which is battle arena with fixed lanes (usually just 3 lanes) given how this game spawns soldiers infinitely. That is the reason you should always attempt to disable enemy spawn points rather than just kill as many enemy soldiers as quickly as possible. If you don't gain ground (aka disabling enemy spawn points), you don't get any progress in capturing a sector.

Ok, we got that out of the way. If any newbies are reading this, know that the game is about gaining ground, not just killing enemy soldiers. (You do still have to kill off enemy soldiers in a sector asap after disabling the sector's spawn points.)

Limit Spawn Capacity to 90% - 110%

Since this is not Company of Heroes (nowhere near a tactical game where AI is concerned), RWR should aim to simply be a battle arena a la DOTA. Have fixed lanes (and show them to the player) on which waves of AI bots travel.

Limit spawn capacity to 90% - 110% because flanking actually doesn't really work in RWR given the lack of choke points setup (can't hold down any arbitrary piece of ground).

When players say "backdooring a base", they actually mean distracting the enemy soldiers so that the main battle line gets diluted (or thinned out). There is no real flanking in RWR given that your AI bots will always make a beeline for the current target sector (and also nearest ongoing fight to assist); you simply can't order any bots (except your ONE single squad) to hold any ground to create chokepoints.

Notice that "Hard" difficulty has spawn capacity set to 120% (friendlies) and 90% (enemy)? That's about the max odds you can stack up for a challenge. Anything more than that will be an endless "whack-a-mole" where the rate at which you kill enemies simply won't outdo the rate at which the enemies kill your AI soldiers.

Display Attack Lanes

Give up the pretense of having stealth gameplay where AI bots are part of the game (PvP can benefit from FoV). Stealth gameplay around AI bots is impossible, as per the numerous reports that say the same (see also viewtopic.php?p=18717#p18717).

I'm not sure what to do about the many stealth-oriented equipment and weapons in the game. Remove them? That would be undoing so much good work. Fix the AI bots' FoV? That should be easier, but I can't assume that development for RWR hasn't already stopped. (Don't spend money on something that isn't selling anymore.)

Display current attack lanes, and fully embrace the battle arena gameplay that RWR really is. Broken pathfinding, broken FoV game mechanics, and so on prevent RWR from being more than a lane-based battle arena. Displaying the attack lanes will also reduce player complaints about broken stealth gameplay mechanics.

The rest of RWR is already very MOBA, like the loot and RP mechanics.

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