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Faction ideas

Bluesuit, red shirts

basis: British and chines

faction trate: higher quality base weapons then any other faction but more expensive their base AR would be 10 RP. They also have a innate 10% numbers disadvantage.

AR: L119A2 ... =469429314
stats: similar to the m16 but more accurate

LMG:L86A2 ... 0407051208
stats: automatic version of the l85A1, with a 1.2 scope. can be fired crouched and prone.
RP: 25

stats: pump action remington 870, similar stats to the benelli m4
RP: 25

stats: psg90 with kill chance of 2 and a mag of 5
RP: 40

note: they share this with green for a reason. They only use the best and it is the best.


note: smaw with out scope.
RP: 8

PISTOL: L117A1(sig pistol)
note: suppresed pistol with a 12 round mag and a high for a pistol kill chance of .58

Machine pistol: NA
Note:only faction to note have a machine pistol.


Warrior tracked armoured vehicle
info: fast tank(is their APC), has a rapid fire 30mm cannon that does slightly more damage then the standard APC and the turret turns faster. The down side is only has 2 spare crew space.

Challenger 2
info: their main tank, has less armor then browns but moves faster then any other main battle tank. its MG has a faster rotation rate then other tanks.

info: their main light transport, has a slower speed then other jeeps but makes up for it by having 5 passenger slots instead of 3 with all protected.

Standard transport truck.

Remington Model 870
The Remington Model 870 is a pump-action shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms Company, LLC. It is widely used by the public for sport shooting, hunting, and self-defense and used by law enforcement and military organizations worldwide.

faction base: china
faction info: cheaper weapons then anyother faction, and a 10% population bonus, but at a cost all their base weapons are worse then their standard counter parts with the exception in vehicles. their weapons are cheaper.


AR: QBZ-03
info: cheep verson of the AK with a lower kill chance 0.45, has pretty good stats other then that and accuracy (sub optimal ammo)
note: only costs 1 RP.

LMG: type 81 LMG
info: modrate lmg a 75 round drum mag with a faster reload. is the only really good weapon in their main weapons.

Shotgun: NA instead they have a CF-05 smg
info: costs only 1 RP this SMG has a high mag and fire rate (50 rounds and 800 RPM). It's down side is a lower kill chance (.45) and heavy accuracy loss.

info: only costs 2 RP compaired to other suppressed smg's but suffers from a high fire rate, low range and low base kill chance at 0.4.

Sniper: NA instead has a type 56 carbine (sks)
info: lacks a scope but makes up for it in being semi auto and having a kill chance of 0.95 is the only one of their weapons that is not heavily cheeper at 3 rp instead of 4.

pistol: type 11 pistol.
info: costs 1 RP and has a low accuracy but other then that standard pistol

Machine pistol: type 82 SMG
info: 2 RP machine pistol with a 15 round mag

AT: PF-89
info: costs 2 RP and has stats similar to the RPG 7 but a lower accuracy.


APC: type 90 APC
info: lacks a 20mm cannon instead has a .50 call MG, can hold 8 passengers not counting the driver and gunner. (these guys are based on infantry swarm)

TANK: Type 59 main battle tank
info: lacks the armor of the main faction tanks, but respawns 3x faster (has APC armor with tank weapons)

light transport: VN-4
info: a light transport armed with a flash bang launcher, holds 4 passengers and a gunner. the only light transport to be armed.

heavy transport: CS/VP3
info: the only heavy transport to be armed has a forward and rear MG.


1. doesn't have vest II instead has vest I in armory
2. their vehicles are all armed as to make up for their low quality in weapons.
3. all of their weapons are worse then the faction basic in some or multiple ways, generally in the damage and accuracy area.

I regret even hearing of this game!

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