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A lot of the game's frustration can be found in stalemates, where the enemy has just too many reinforcements in an area, final bases are notorious for this (though anomalies exist, such as Keepsake Bay's East Beach corner building) or have a frontline that's too wide to effectively cover (Keepsake Bay's Ranch Beach and Old Fort Creek's Residential section while trying to take South Side), and others are just plain clusterbucks (Moorland Trench Ruins and Iron Curtain Promenade)

While you could alter the maps to change these obstacles, I feel that these stalemates are where RWR's life is really in, the close quarters, the desperation, and sheer force of will you need to break through. However, when these stalemates last too long it does start to get tedious. So instead of removing or reducing them, I suggest we push their intensity higher with equivalent buffs to both sides; so the side who pushes harder will break the stalemate more easily.

So when a certain grid section collects a a certain number of kills (~2000), "War is Hell" mode activates in that grid, doing the following:

1. All cover deploys placed there become corpse deploys, a literal wall of corpses built from your fallen comrades. Enemy grunts will also spawn with them if they would have spawned with a regular cover deploy.
2. Corpse deploys, corpse obstacles, and corpse piles appear periodically in random locations in that grid (until a certain number is reached). This provides initial cover for forces to push forwards and deploy more cover as necessary.
3. EOD soldiers spawn more often, they serve as an additional pushing factor.
4. Mortar and reinforcement calls get a 25% discount. This affects both sides; so while players can call support cheaper, the enemy will call more support on average.
5. Footprints by soldiers are replaced by bloody footprints, which serves as a warning factor as well as flavor. An additional map market is added to that grid as well.

Corpse deploys are tougher than regular covers and deploy twice as fast.
Corpse obstacles are larger versions of the above which are tougher and cannot be jumped over.
Corpse piles are literal giant piles of corpses that serve as an additional obstacle. When destroyed (and they're fairly tough) they rain random stock weapons, frag/impact/stun grenades, medkits, T2 vests at 50%, and the occasional live grenade.

WiH mode lasts for 15 minutes after the zone is secured by one side or the other.

Now, the above is a bit fanciful and requires quite a bit of scripting to accomplish; so I'll go ahead and offer an alternative that (probably) requires less scripting.

Instead of calculating the deaths in any given zone, WiH mode activates when the total number of deaths reaches a certain number. I'd say ~10,000 is a good number since most maps end with about 6-7k. This lasts for the rest of the map; but is reset if a map has 0 players.

1. All armory cover deploys are replaced by corpse deploys, which are the same as previously mentioned. When a corpse deploy is destroyed, they'll drop pre-defined armory items, such as grenades, medkits, and T2 vests at 50%. Enemy grunts will also spawn with them if they would have spawned with a regular cover deploy.
2. EOD soldiers spawn more often as above.
3. Mortar and reinforcement calls get a 25% discount on both sides.
4. A map symbol should be used to alert players when WiH mode is active.

That's my set of suggestions, if anyone can find something to chip in; I'd appreciate it.

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