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PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:02 am 

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This is hear for archive. and is a suggestion that would take a lot of work. Note the weapon is just part of an over all concept I am working on.

Suggestion: weapon tags and keys for the following. grenade ballistic modification from weapon, an I/O for grenades that can be effected by said modification, a weapon key for limiting grenades that use the modification. and likely more.

base suggestion in "script form"

concept for things and what they would do.

under_launcher="1" (1 means it has an under barrel 0 means it doesn't)
under_launder_offset/3d_offset="2: dictates barrel offset

under_weapon_key="projectile.projectile" (can set to weapons for things like masterkeys)

launcher ammo="3" (the number of rounds for the launcher you can carry)

launcher_accuracy="0.95" (accuracy of rounds launched, not needed if use another weapon as the key)

launcher_reload="1" (determines if it will play a reload animation after firing a round, 0 means no animation 1 means has an animation, numbers like 5 means after 5 shots plays animation)

launcher_override="0"(determines if using the launcher would use the main ammo as well as teh grenade one, note if 1 this means firing it would cause the ammo counter on the weapon to go down by one with only the launcher round fired, this is for the mgl's and m79 to prevent spam fire)

<launcher_ballistics [ballistics stats]> overides and ballistics stats for the launcher weapon

<animation state_key="reload_under_barrel" [animation_key] > (would be the launcher reload if depicted

(would be grenade slot items)
can_throw="0" (means it can not be used with out a weapon with the under launcher stat)


this concept would allow for primary or secondary weapons with alt features that replace the grenade key. this in concept would be used on the base level for AR's equipped with grenade launchers. unlike the m79 or milkor launchers like this would use a limited ammo bought from the armory. But said limited ammo would deal more damage and have varrients which can be bought if you have the XP and RP for them.

current concepts.

grenadier variants of base weapons, equipping one to the chain-saw, and giving function to the m79 and mgl's.


40mm HE: deals 1.5 damage and has 3.24 blast.
40mm STUN: 10 range and stuns targets
proximity charge: explodes upon hostiles intering proximity requires line of sight for it to detonate other then that standard 40mm
40mm timed: 4 second fuse allows you to bounce the round off of buildings or vehicles to hit harder to reach targets.


m16 w/ gl
stats: same as m16
launcher limit: 3
launcher accuracy: 80%
animation between launcher shots: YES

ak47 w/ gl
stats: same as ak47
launcher limit: 6
launcher accuracy: 70%
animation between launcher shots: YES

g36 w/ gl
stats: slower fire rate then standard g36
launcher limit: 2
launcher accuracy: 95%
animation between launcher shots: YES

stats: similar to mp5 with 30 round mag (would not be suppressed)
launcher limit: 10
launcher accuracy: 85%
animation between launcher shot: after 5.

no stat change
launcher limit: 1
launcher accuracy: 98%
animation between launcher shots: NO
would have a low arc.

m79 and mgl varients

no changes, but this would allow them to load specialty munitions.

launcher limit: 10
animation between launcher shots: YES has launcher override so reloads the weapon and counts as ammo shot.

mgl flasher
launcher limit: 6
animation between launcher shots: NO, has launcher override so using grenades counts as firing a shot.

mgl milkor
launcher limit: 12
same as the flasher, this means after firing 6 specialty grenades in a row you will have to reload the weapon.

this is the annoying part, most if not all of the weapons here would not have their underbarrel weapon in AI use, purely do to teh fact they would have to spawn with both the weapon and the ammo. so yeah for the most part the weapons will not be used by the AI. (though I do have plans to allow some AI soldiers to use them). though weapons with none grenade based under barrel launchers can use them they would not do so intelligently like firing a shotgun at a tank, which is another reason I will likely design everything around player use, with limited AI use of grenade launcher ones.


This suggestion would be more for modding then vanilla for the most part. though there would be limited areas where it can be used in vanilla. example everything above, as well as if it can be made to work with vehicles the ability to add sub weapons to vehicle turrets would be a game changer, like adding a mounted MG to the tanks main cannon, or a TOW missile launcher to an APC's main gun.

adding sub weapon's would also allow for things like masterkey's and under barrel pistols. some examples of things that can be done.

riot shotgun
info: taser slug armed shotgun with a underbarrel taser
using under barrel fires a short range projectile that wounds enemies, while its primary fires a long rnage stun projectile.

info: a g36 with a glock mounted to its lower rail.
using under barrel fires a standard glock allowing for it to be used in and out of stealth.

I regret even hearing of this game!

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