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 Post subject: Tactic Operations
PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:58 am 
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Hello! I apologize for my bad english.
I love the game and respect RwR game developers. I am therefore pleased to any development of the game and so I want to offer their vision of a way. I do not claim that my view is correct, it is possible that this type of game at all interesting to me alone. Moreover, it is not ready to set the final decision, and the concept of the game mode (Tactic operations), I would like to see.

I stand to discuss their proposals, to hear all for / against. I understand that some of my suggestions can not be solved right now (because of the peculiarities of the engine), or can not be solved at all (al-superfluous).

We can discuss with you the potential of this mode of theā€¦ game type? Mod? What do you call it? And, perhaps, to find a few people who want to do it.

What I can do: make 2D graphics, 3D models can do, the interface. I can learn how to make a map, develop some game features and test It. What I do not know: to write scripts and deal with the game engine.

1. Mandatory FoV.
FoV should be improved in comparison with what we have now. You need to add the zone presence and absence of review of a gray zone. As said JackMayol have difficulty with this, because engine is not able to do so.

2. Friendly Fire on.
You have to think and to choose your sector of fire to friendly troops not come under your fire. Of course, this will add complexity, but get to play more carefully and command, to cover each other and not to go to the gun forward.

3. Limited ammo.
Restriction on worn with a number of stores of all types of weapons that are under you. The ability to replenish the ammunition of the Armory or special boxes of ammunition that can be installed by engineers. Of course, another level of complexity of the game, but then again force the player to think and not to shoot in all directions indiscriminately.

4. Hits and crits.
I am saddened by the situation when you can fire off 5-6 rounds at the enemy, he was splattered with blood all around, but still continue to shoot you ... and will kill you with the first hit. You may want to look at the damage system differently: the player has hits, each weapon has a fixed damage and crit. The crit will always damage you in 100%. Body armor give bonus hits from the usual hits and some protection against critical hits.

5. A large map.
The game takes place on a large map with the participation of three parties. Each side has a fixed headquarters and a few outposts. On the map are located strategic targets, capturing that you increase the inflow of resources for its part.

6. Resources sides.
There are three types of resources: technology, support and basic resources. Each resource has its own small fixed increment. Grab the different locations on the map gives an additional increase in the different types of resources.
The basic resource is responsible for the discovery of new types of weapons for all factions and spent for the purchase of specific weapons, fortifications, etc.
Technical resource spawn technique allows different types from jeeps to tanks.
Support resource allows officers and signalers cause artudary, landing, etc.
These resources are shared by all parties and can be spent according to the limit issued for each player (the limit depends on the title of the game).

7. Control of the territory on the map.
The control points on the map allows you to earn resources to fractions. The key points are factories, warehouses, gas stations, etc. Each type of territory gives its resource type.

8. Implementation of third-party missions on the map
Additional missions to earn experience allow everyone to take part in them soldier and get other bonuses.
Examples of missions:
- Release and escort a group of civilians (yes, there are civilians!);
- Collection of cargo parachute behind enemy lines;
- Undermining the communication system in the rear of the enemy;
- Hijacking of a train;
- Create region.

9. Player Classes
Getting exp player increases in rank. But in itself the title simply reflects how long he plays and limit the resources that are allocated to it. Early in his career, every player is an ordinary infantryman, moving up the career ladder, he may open new classes such as:
- Soldien with a MG;
- Soldier with a launcher;
- Field doctor;
- A sniper;
- Engineer;
- Signalman;
- Officer;
- Commando;
- A driver.

The opening of classes is carried out for personal RP player, he pays a one-time to open a some class.

Each side has a limit on the number of slots of each class. For example, there can be 50 or 100 officers, snipers. If you already have a limit of players of a certain class, then other players have to choose the other classes.

The classes provide their own set of unique items in the Armory, the access to which can not get another class. This creates a unique gaming experience for each class individually and ligaments in combat.

10. Construction of structures.
Players with the class "Engineer" can build some structure:
- Known to all blocks with sand;
- Anti-tank;
- Lightweight bunkers (are transport);
- Fortified bunkers with TVE (are transport);
- Rows of barbed wire;
- Fences (can not climb over them);
- Observation towers;
For massive structures (silos, fences, towers) engineers used special vehicles - a truck with a crane and warehouse materials.

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