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 Post subject: Beta 0.79, Windows/Linux
PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:54 pm 
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Here comes the change log!

Version beta 0.79:
ai: guarding behavior
ai: attempts to drive on certain side of the road to avoid colliding with other vehicles coming their way
ai: a few fixes made to obstacle collision avoidance and navigation
ai: designated radar truck driver behavior
ai: squad members will now stab enemies when near them in unalerted environment
ai: being still, and moving crouched or prone makes a soldier less detectable now
ai: spends a bit longer time investigating last known enemy positions and alerts
ai: concentrates bazookas and grenades against important vehicles in alerted environment
ai: no longer forgets to avoid vehicles when moving to enter another vehicle
crash: bullet trails running out fix attempt #1
opengl: blocky soldier fixed
controls: prone and crouch toggle buttons not longer become unassigned when re-launching game
aiming: if aiming at ground is blocked by terrain, aiming will happen to the blocked position + the usual random offset upwards on vague target -- helps shooting uphill
vehicles: radar truck added; destroying enemy truck causes their map data to become disabled, commander to become ineffective and capacity to reduce, temporarily until vehicle again spawns
vehicles: sounds changed, ignition sounds added
appearance: grass decorations are now created on platform objects marked as terrain
weapons: Mossberg, PKM, AK47 and G36 voxel models remade, thank you ComJak!
weapons: shotgun range nerfed once again
modding: vehicle parameters exposed
rocks: huge rocks disabled by default; controllable by the map maker of course
map-making: randomness in objects is now tied to object id -- mostly means rocks, buildings and trees will the stay same regardless of order

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:20 pm 
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Loving the new update with the remoddeling and the radar truck.
Thanks :D

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