1.70.2 released
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Author:  pasik [ Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  1.70.2 released

Changelog for 1.70.2

  • maps: small modifications in Frozen Canyon. Difficulty slightly reduced
  • maps (Pacific): Fortress base in Bougainville reworked to make base assault easier
  • weapons: m16a4 support has now 100 bullets drum magazine. Can now be shot crouched with small accuracy penalty. Slight accuracy boost when prone
  • weapons: PAW-20 grenade blast radius increased from 2.5 to 3.5m
  • calls: cover drop call spawn time increased from 2 to 4s
  • inventory: carry loot no longer shows non-auto-respawnable icon
  • online: fixed preventing using javelin ap when penalized
  • online: getting disconnected opens menu now
  • dominance: fixed airdropped vehicles not spawning
  • minimodes: fixed airdropped vehicles not spawning
  • deathmatch: fixed missing vehicle weapon resources
  • koth: a fix attempt for server and client timer off sync under certain conditions
  • misc: fix for occasional floating of airdropped vehicles
  • misc: fixed map view frame in lobby
  • misc: mortar/artillery radio call ground marker more visible on winter maps
  • misc: fixed weapon occupy bug with reducing squad size so that the bot is no longer in team
  • misc: fixed ghost rendering not showing through semitransparent models
  • misc: call marker flag color for airdrop calls are now yellow to look different from mortar/artillery calls
  • misc: fixed crash when loading Copehill Down (map11)

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