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 Post subject: 1.70 released
PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:05 pm 
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Changelog v1.70:

  • maps: new base added in Rattlesnake Crescent
  • maps: new base added in Keepsake Bay
  • maps: Power Junction rotated by 45° and Power plant base slightly reworked
  • maps: Airfield base in Vigil Island slightly reworked - new armory and radio jammer locations
  • maps: several fixes here and there
  • deathmatch: added map7 to the map rotator
  • deathmatch: script ported to AngelScript
  • minimodes: script ported to AngelScript
  • minimodes: FoV is now enabled on default
  • dominance: script ported to AngelScript
  • dominance: rework to get rid of the RNG by simulating a simple health system - experimental phase.
  • dominance: bandage added
  • dominance: some rare weapons added (had none so far)
  • man vs world: vehicles do not respawn to avoid spawn kills
  • server: fixed character_kill event crash
  • equipment: spawn flare XP requirement lowered from 3000 to 1500XP
  • equipment: Cover deploy XP requirement lowered from 500 to 250XP
  • equipment: EOD vest lethality vs bullets and movement speed equipped slightly decreased
  • weapons: stock machine pistols accuracy and effective range slightly increased
  • weapons: stock suppressed SMGs XP requirement in campaign/invasion lowered from 1500 to 1000XP
  • weapons: stock pistols XP requirement in campaign/invasion increased from 250 to 750XP
  • weapons: SPAS-12 - removed XP requirement in campaign/invasion which used to be 500XP
  • weapons: PKM XP requirement in campaign/invasion increased from 0 to 500XP
  • weapons: PAW-20 rate of fire increased by 27%
  • weapons: Benelli M4 with suppressor stats increased
  • weapons: Scorpio Evo-III bullet falloff time slightly increased
  • weapons: QCW-05 bullet falloff time slightly increased
  • weapons: Stoner 62 accuracy increased/recoil slightly decreased
  • vehicles: mobile armory acceleration and max speed slightly increased
  • vehicles: most vehicles have been re-scaled (made smaller)
  • vehicles: re-spawn times for most combat vehicles increased by 20 seconds - also including mounted stationary weapons
  • vehicles: special cargo reward delivery bonus increased from 400 to 1000RP
  • vehicles: become un-steerable below 5% health points. Need repair or explode after some time
  • vehicles: deployables configured to lose health on vehicle collisions+
  • items: community box #2 added. A dozen of new goodies includes!
  • calls: airdropped vehicles now have a visual parachute attached
  • calls: visual markers for friendly mortar/artillery strike and paratroopers added
  • calls: artillery (8x16) fixed - now launches 8 salvos instead of 10
  • AI: vanilla campaign commander now issues an attack break after capturing his target base, for better pacing
  • AI: squad leader player can give command to AI squad members to occupy static weapons such as deployable MG, mortar, etc.
  • AI: improved the way AI considers usefulness of a static weapon, also with ability to abandon it
  • AI: now considers occupying static weapons while fighting
  • AI: fixed some issues with combat vehicle driving
  • AI: made AI aware of min_health_to_steer with vehicles
  • campaign/invasion: complete re-balance
  • campaign: veteran difficulty added (same as hard but with FoV enabled)
  • campaign: amount of Elite soldiers raised by 60%, which also implies 60% more rare weapon drops
  • campaign: added some commander dialogue when spotting and/or destroying important targets
  • campaign: added base recon objective to further encourage players to travel and attack secondary bases
  • campaign: cargo truck location hints made less frequent
  • campaign: special crates have now randomized spawn locations and numbers. Can also spawn ultra rare weapons
  • campaign: changed item unlock expiration timer to 100h for campaign
  • campaign: extraction points now show at the screen edge when map is complete
  • quick match: amount of Elite soldiers raised by 60%, which also implies 60% more rare weapon drops
  • invasion: amount of Elite soldiers raised by 30%, which also implies 30% more rare weapon drops
  • invasion: changing player faction to Greenbelts in official invasion
  • gameplay: "King of the Hill" timer reworked. Now the timer isn't reset anymore when the hill changes ownership. It is paused and resumed on re-capture
  • animations: leaving_wounded animation added after getting healed while wounded
  • visuals: changed character shading method to happen in postprocessing for less noise and light direction awareness
  • visuals: changed tree foliage billboard rendering for less flicker
  • visuals: changed post processing for tighter outlines and resolution adaptation
  • visuals: added deployment area helper visual
  • menu: various changes
  • misc: added system to show help notes as notifications
  • misc: removed the vertical-coordinate ignoring when figuring out which items are within the picking-radius of the character - e.g. no more floor item picking when on a roof
  • misc: added a HUD helper to show which weapon slot is selected
  • misc: fixed text alignment in inventory view when inspecting items
  • misc: added suppressed weapon icon in item inspector in inventory view
  • misc: player location cross in map view made more visible
  • misc: map legend added
  • misc: pause key removed, accessing menu will pause game (except when playing online)
  • misc: added reload indicator when empty mag
  • misc: chat balloon happening on the right side of screen now extend to left if it would clip with the screen edge
  • misc: various changes in menu UI, no more overflowing text and controls
  • misc: adjusted UI to support 21:9 better
  • misc: improved UI text justification method
  • misc: fixed scrolling in mapview over a spawnpoint being mistaken for intent to respawn
  • misc: added survivability option in quickmatch and campaign for increasing the odds for player to survive; easy difficulty now utilizes it instead of boosting/nerfing capacities and accuracies that much
  • misc: configured deployables physics and collision models to not fall off from roof edges
  • misc: configured deployables to use high mass and blast_push_threshold to prevent being bulldozed by vehicles and moved by blasts
  • misc: added optional dedicated primary / secondary weapon change keys
  • misc: fixed wounded character stand-up issue in online
  • modding: added <destroy_on_drive_over_tags><tag name="heavy"/>... support in static object spec
  • modding: added call_event, with phase="queue"/"acknowledge"/"launch"/"end" and id field to distinguish calls from each other
  • modding: added roof_elevation keyword for buildings with elevated roofs
  • modding: added attack_change script event
  • modding: resource doesn't require to be in_stock anymore to be able to respawn_with

Changelog v1.70 (PACIFIC DLC):

  • maps: USMC campaign balance adjusted so the first few beach-assault maps are more forgiving to low-ranked players.
  • maps: Guadalcanal in USMC campaign now loses more friendly troops when more players are in the match. Reduction from 2 to 3 per player.
  • maps: Guadalcanal hidden in quickmatch menu
  • maps: Fixed issue with capturing LZ Sun on Downfall.
  • fix: bug where soldiers clumped up on the Attack Ship on Iwo Jima resolved
  • fix: animation issues regarding hipfire weapons resolved
  • fix: bug where IJA campaign could not reach Peleliu Airfield resolved
  • fix: bug where ladders on left side of Saipan attack ship were unclimbable resolved
  • fix: bug where damaged tank on Downfall was destroyed resolved
  • soldiers: the Sentry AI soldier spawns 25% less often.
  • soldiers: fixed an issue with dialogue used by POW soldiers.
  • soldiers: reduced the RP available to Banzai Officers, POW soldiers, and US Army Squad Leaders.
  • soldiers: Banzai Chargers can no longer spawn with medkits.
  • soldiers: reduced the spawn chance of Flamethrower Operators for the regular Imperial Japanese Army.
  • gameplay: weapons in Quickmatch now have XP requirements similar to the Campaign.
  • gameplay: the Banzai Charge call-in now deploys 1 less Light Machine Gunner soldier, who is now replaced with an additional Rifleman.
  • gameplay: Banzai Charge Squad now costs 350 RP, matching the cost of the US Army Rifles Squad.
  • gameplay: you can now unlock the M1903A3 with bayonet for re-purchase at the USMC armoury by selling 5 of them.
  • gameplay: You can now unlock the Type 38 with bayonet for re-purchase at the IJA armoury by selling 5 of them.
  • gameplay: You can no longer unlock enemy weapons (to reduce overcluttered Armouries).
  • gameplay: Adjusted some briefcase unlocks.
  • gameplay: The Rubber-boat call-in has been adjusted, spawning in a slightly randomized position, so that it can not be used to accurately crush enemy soldiers.
  • gameplay: enemy anti-tank grenades, bazookas, grenades, at grenades, and heavy MG deploys can no longer be unlocked at the armoury. (99% were statistically the same anyways.)
  • items: Banzai, Veteran, and Sentry vests have been modified to more consistently take damage from small-arms, rather than being heavily chance-based.
  • items: Banzai Vest and Veteran Vest improved to have 3 layers of armour instead of 2. The cost of Banzai vest has been raised from 10 to 15. This does not effect the AI-controlled Banzai soldiers.
  • items: The Sentry Vest has had its cost lowered.
  • items: All vests now have altered weights when carried in the backpack.
  • vehicles: Added NEW Type 4 Ka-Tsu - a heavy amphibious tank the Imperial Japanese Navy can deploy on Tarawa and Downfall.
  • weapons: Added NEW M1903A3 Bayonet variant.
  • weapons: Added NEW T22 Garand variant (20-round magazine).
  • weapons: Added NEW M1 Thompson - faster RoF but only 20-round magazine, compared to M1A1 Thompson.
  • weapons: Added NEW M1918A2 BAR Rapid Fire variant - faster RoF than regular.
  • weapons: Added NEW M1919A6 Mobile - hip fired variant carried by Sentries.
  • weapons: Added NEW Bayonet variants to the Type 100 SMG and the MP 34 "Type STE" SMG.
  • weapons: Added NEW Type 99 Sniper Rifle - with more powerful scope zoom than the Type 97 Sniper Rifle.
  • weapons: Added NEW Mk 3 Concussion Grenade - knocks down opponents. Carried by Flamethrower Operators.
  • weapons: Added NEW Type Hei Automatic Rifle - fully automatic rifle with 20-round magazine and good recoil control. Extremely deadly, but also quite rare.
  • weapons: Added NEW M55 Reising - very high rate of fire, but small 20-round magazine. Replaces M1A1 Thompson on early-war maps. Variation with folded stock in side-arm slot exists.
  • weapons: Added NEW Type I Carcano - used by the Imperial Japanese Navy, serving as their standard service rifle. Very similar to Type 38. A bayonet variant exists.
  • weapons: Added NEW Type BE Submachine Gun - used by Imperial Japanese Navy Veteran soldiers, it is a Bergmann MP 18 chambered in 7.63mm Mauser with a large 50-round stick magazine. A bayonet variant exists.
  • weapons: Added NEW Type 2 Model B Submachine Gun - named simply "Type 2 SMG". With moderate rate of fire and 30-round magazine.
  • weapons: Adjusted some discrepancies with grenades and AT weapons' performances between the IJA and USMC.
  • weapons: Adjusted performance of some explosive weapons, and enabled Type 98, Oerlikon, and Anti-Air Gun to damage Tanks.
  • weapons: Can no longer respawn with Type 99 LMG Scoped variation after dying. This will give it the rare 'blue' colour of a special weapon.
  • weapons: Satchel Charge renamed to Anti-Tank Satchel Charge in English, for a bit of extra clarity.
  • weapons: Mk II Grenade Fuse set from 3 seconds to 4 seconds (bug fix).
  • weapons: Type 100 moved to early war IJA arsenal, MP34 "Type STE" given to IJN.
  • weapons: SMG/Carbine "base" weapon (affects many SMGs/Carbines) - max spread reduced by 5%, running accuracy raised from 5% (affects first shot fired while moving.)
  • weapons: Sniper Rifle "base" weapon standing accuracy reduced by 6%. This was to give it a more distinct disadvantange when compared with non-scoped Bolt-Action Rifles.
  • weapons: Bolt-Action Rifles (non-scoped) crouching accuracy raised by 5%. This is mostly to make them more reliable during online play on Invasion servers, where net lag can hinders these weapons most.
  • weapons: M1A1 Thompson heavily rebalanced for more mid-range performance.
  • weapons: M1928 Thompson w/ 100-round drum renamed to M1921 Thompson w/ 100-round drum, to better reflect how it lacks a muzzle-brake.
  • weapons: The M1921 Thompson w/ 100-round drum has had its reload speed reduced, and its movement speed from -0.05 to -0.075.
  • weapons: Type 100 SMG - kill probability raised by 6%, kill decay start time raised by 12.5%. Result is a bit more power in short range, vastly more at longer ranges.
  • weapons: Type 100/44 SMG heavily rebalanced for less long-range performance, while still being superior to most SMGs in short / medium-short range.
  • weapons: C96 Carbine renamed to Type MO Carbine to reflect its Japanese nomenclature.
  • weapons: M1 Carbine and C96 "Type MO Carbine" kill decay start time raised by 40%, end time by 10%. Result is better medium and long range performance.
  • weapons: MP 34 renamed to Type STE to reflect its Japanese-contracted version. Rechambered in 7.63mm Mauser. Statistics adjusted - generally, higher velocity and lower recoil.
  • weapons: Type 2 Model A renamed to Type 1 SMG, reflecting a more accurate nomenclature for the weapon.
  • weapons: M2 Carbine and Bayonet variant - recoil reduced by 15%, kill decay start time raised by 40%, end time by 10%, walking accuracy reduced by 16%.
  • weapons: M1 Garand and Bayonet variant - recoil recovery improved by 45%, kill decay start time raised by 40%. Able to fire accurately at long range much faster, and hit harder too.
  • weapons: Scoped M1D Garand - recoil recovery improved by 45%, velocity reduced by 7% (so it matches other Snipers now).
  • weapons: Type 4 Rifle - recoil recovery improved by 17%. While still poor in accuracy compared to most rifles, it is easy to fire quick, deadly bursts with this weapon.
  • weapons: Type 44 Carbine - velocity raised by 2.5%. This improves both accuracy at long range, kill probability, and requires less leading of targets. It is a bigger boost than it sounds.
  • weapons: M1941 Johnson Rifle - velocity raised by 2.5%, recoil recovery improved by 7%. Much more efficient at long and medium ranges.
  • weapons: M1918A2 BAR crouching accuracy raised by 20%, standing accuracy raised by 19%, reload speed increased by 5%.
  • weapons: M1919A6 can now be respawned with, accuracy raised by 3%. The respawn change is significant, and the slight accuracy boost helps it keep up with the new M1 Garand.
  • weapons: M1941 Johnson LMG crouching accuracy raised by 22%, but rate of fire reduced by 19%. Overall it is more versatile and controllable, but doesn't have such insane DPS when prone.
  • weapons: ANM2 'Stinger' accuracy slightly raised. This improves its damage output at range to be a bit closer to the Type 98 LMG.
  • weapons: All 'mobile' hip fired machine guns have had their movement speed raised from -0.25 to -0.2.
  • weapons: Type 96 LMG, Bayonet, and Trench variants - kill probability raised by 8.5%.
  • weapons: Type 99 LMG and Bayonet variant - kill probability raised by 3%, kill decay start time raised by 40%.
  • weapons: Scoped Type 99 LMG - kill probability raised by 3%, kill decay start time raised by 30%.
  • weapons: Type 38 kill probability raised to match other bolt-action rifles, kill decay start time reduced by 20%. This overall improves its reliablity in short range.
  • weapons: Type 14 pistol recoil reduced by 3%.
  • weapons: M1919 HMG and Type 92 HMG kill probability reduced by 12.5%, kill decay start time improved by 17%.
  • weapons: Adjusted the commonness of a variety of weapons. SMGs are generally a more common than LMGs on AI soldiers now. Some rares are also a bit more common. HMG deploys are more rare.
  • weapons: Type 100 Grenade Discharger can now be respawned with.
  • invasion: changing player faction to IJA in official Pacific invasion
  • misc: new medikit model added.
  • misc: new demolitions charge model added.
  • misc: C96 "Type MO" model adjusted.
  • misc: M1919A6 model and HUD icon adjusted.
  • misc: MP 34 "Type STE" sound changed.
  • misc: Type 99 LMG Bayonet model slightly adjusted.
  • misc: new M1918 BAR sound, and model adjusted.
  • misc: new M1941 Johnson LMG sound.
  • misc: new models for overencumbered backpacks; both light encumbrance and heavy encumbrance.
  • misc: adjusted position of the Type 93 Flamethrower model so that it is better held by the soldier's hands.
  • misc: the Imperial Japanese Navy faction has been placed on Tarawa and Downfall.
  • misc: Binoculars XP requirement in Campaign lowered from 10k to 1k.
  • misc: new model for the US Willy's Jeep.

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