1.64 released
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Author:  JackMayol [ Fri Mar 23, 2018 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  1.64 released

Changelog v1.64:

  • gamemodes: "Man vs. World 2-players coop" added
  • gamemodes: "Man vs. World" single player mode difficulty slightly decreased
  • invasion: changing player faction to Brownpants in official invasion
  • items: community box added. Similar to the gift boxes but with modding community provided goodies
  • resources: flare added to the supply squad
  • maps: small fixes here and there
  • AI: navigation network resolution for some locations increased
  • AI: sight range of the mortar reduced by 12%
  • AI: fixed squad command boost for faster reaction while fighting
  • AI: ability to disable vehicle avoidance behavior
  • AI: tweaked steering a tracked vehicle
  • AI: fixed a case of AI squad ending up on wrong seats in a vehicle i.e. leader not driving
  • gameplay: EOD soldiers now carry only stun grenades, which they are themselves immune against
  • weapons: MGL Flasher/Milkor reload animation speed up by 30%
  • weapons: Taser added - wounds the target at closer range. Only available in the community box
  • weapons: Tracer added - secondary consumable weapon shooting a sticky dart that calls a missile on the target. Only available in the community box
  • weapons: Flamethrower added - similar to the Pacific one with slightly more range. Only available in the community box
  • weapons: AA-12 Frag added - automatic shotgun with explosive ammunition. Only available in the community box
  • network: optional experimental mode to avoid out of sync and rubber banding due to unstable lag
  • vehicles: spawnpoint disabled text now only shows for own faction vehicles and enemy if the spawnpoint is for players
  • vehicles: tanks are about 12% faster but have smaller acceleration
  • vehicles: Mustela fast TOW mounted mini-tank added. Only available in the community box
  • items: fixed an issue with weapon and carry item transform chain loops
  • menu: changed how aspect ratio affects menu size

Changelog v1.64 (PACIFIC DLC):

  • maps: new map available in Campaign and Quickmatch - Peleliu Airfield. Situated near end of Campaign, just before the final mission
  • invasion: changing player faction to USMC in official Pacific invasion
  • AI: new AI Soldier type added - "SENTRY" - he is a defense-focused soldier equipped with a hip-fired Heavy Machine Gun and very strong body armour
  • AI: all Veteran AI soldiers are slightly more accurate
  • items: Sentry Vest added - a highly protective vest available to all at the armoury
  • items: Veteran Vests: -0.1 Hit Success to -0.125 (wearing the vest now grants slightly more resistance)
  • weapons: Browning M1917 'Mobile' added - heavy Machine Gun carried by AI "Sentries" of the USMC forces. Slow firing, but powerful, and fed by a 250-round belt
  • weapons: Te-4 Light Machine Gun added - an aircraft MG dismounted and carried by AI "Sentries" of the IJA forces, with high rate of fire and a 69-round drum magazine
  • weapons: Ho-104 'Mobile' added - a very rare, dismounted aircraft MG - a .50 Cal HMG carried by AI "Sentries" of the IJA forces. Powerful, but very slow rate of fire
  • weapons: greatly lowered XP requirements on the Thompson 100-rnd Drum, M1919 Stinger, and Type 98 LMG
  • weapons: slightly raised velocity of Type 98 Light Machine Gun and M1919 "Stinger"
  • weapons: lowered damage of Sniper Rifles against armoured vests
  • weapons: raised damage and drop-off range on the Type 96 "Trench" variation
  • models: new Imperial Japanese uniform for very late war maps, used on Peleliu, Iwo Jima, and Downfall. Only affects the default uniform set
  • gameplay: fixed issue where Type 97 Anti-Tank Rifle was far more common on IJA Snipers then the regular Sniper Rifle
  • gameplay: fixed an issue with some Sniper Rifle damage ranges being shorter than regular Rifles
  • gameplay: raised the frequency of AI calling in reinforcements
  • gameplay: tweaked ordering of vests in IJA's armoury to properly follow the unlock progression from right to left
  • vehicles: adjusted volume of tank treads
  • animations: adjusted length of hip fire recoil animations

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