1.54 released
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Author:  pasik [ Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:22 am ]
Post subject:  1.54 released

Changelog for version 1.54:

  • maps: lowered RAM consumption in Moorland trenches
  • maps: the 2 radio jammers in the map "Misty Heights" (map14) have a significantly longer respawn time (60 instead of 6 minutes)
  • maps: some fixes here and there
  • menu: added Pacific link button in the lobby main menu
  • visuals: added shadow quality options
  • visuals: reduced character base voxel size a little bit
  • visuals: fixed destructible static object mesh material handling
  • visuals: fixed particle emitters starting emitting at an old position in certain case
  • visuals: added support to use particle emitter script position value as an offset
  • visuals: changed cord rendering to suit larger shadow texture sizes
  • visuals: fuel barrels are now destructible
  • vehicles: spawn point vehicles now show "spawn disabled" if spawning is disabled by movement, enemy proximity or theft
  • vehicles: fixed an issue with turret aiming when turret is not positioned at vehicle center
  • campaign: fixed an issue with map and campaign completion achievements for connected clients
  • campaign: added initial 50 RP to players
  • dominance: "islet of Eflen" map resources were missing, which caused server crash/restart when the script loaded the map
  • online: disabling Add to serverlist now also disables master server connection; useful especially for LAN
  • loading: map files are no longer parsed for header data when loading into a campaign, quickmatch or online, reducing some loading time
  • ai: a squad leader using a stationary weapon disbands the squad now
  • ai: fixed ai commander issue with organizing final attack when last base is uncapturable
  • character: character no longer dies when colliding with a moving vehicle he's entering into
  • character: character no longer goes prone if trying to shoot while reloading when carrying a weapon that requires prone to shoot
  • modding: changed how auto-spawning vehicles are removed before respawning to help with a case of having faction specific stationary weapons
  • modding: added show_target_marker option to calls
  • modding: added initiation_comment and radio_view_text to calls
  • modding: added support to tag a call to be used as reinforcements drop call by the bots, even if the call rounds do not spawn soldiers, with a tag named as reinforcements
  • modding: added support for vehicle health based particle effects with event_key="health" and value attributes
  • modding: added support to prevent vehicle driving based on health with min_health_to_steer in vehicle control tag
  • modding: added blast_damage modifier for vehicles, and blast_damage_threshold
  • modding: extended support for character-vehicle collision handling with vehicle attributes max_character_collision_speed and max_character_collision_speed_on_normal
  • modding: added ai parameters: force_as_leader, uses_vehicles, max_squad_size_to_pick_static_vehicles
  • modding: added support to reload particle scripts live with reload.txt method
  • modding: added make_vehicle_hit_sound keyword to projectile blast results
  • modding: match end view now adjusts table column size to fit faction names
  • modding: added support for dock platform walls to use can_go_around_start and can_go_around_end flags for ai navigation, useful when merging platform walls
  • modding: added projectile parameter can_be_detected_by_footmen

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