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 Post subject: 1.50 released
PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:05 am 
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Here comes the shopping list for 1.50:

  • maps: new assault map "Misty Heights" (map14) added in invasion/quick match - based on the overlordDefense DDay map
  • maps: few tweaks here and there
  • weapons: UTS-15 pump-action shotgun added as default shotgun for EOD soldiers
  • weapons: rare automatic Jackhammer shotgun weapon added - low spread and high effective range
  • weapons: SMAW rocket launcher added as briefcase unlockable - fast projectile and high zoom, higher damage range damage
  • weapons: balancing out the AKS-74U and P90 basically to have a longer bullet decay frame. Overall slight nerf
  • weapons: Pecheneg Bullpup balancing, overall buff
  • weapons: AA-12 shotgun drum capacity increased from 12 to 20
  • weapons: Javelin commonness reduced by 50%
  • weapons: M202 Flash commonness doubled
  • equipment: added another 5% speed penalty to riot shields, will now be 10% in total
  • achievements: fixed missing achievement levels
  • invasion: removed elite soldiers from player faction
  • invasion: changing player faction to Brownpants in official invasion
  • invasion: map rotation order changed
  • invasion: disabling radio calls once the map is won to avoid unnecessary RP loss or teamkills from happening
  • invasion: radar towers in the map "Iron Enclave" respawns only after 1 hour (instead of 3 minutes) once being destroyed. Also has less protectors assigned
  • dominance: added the map "Misty Heights" (map14) in the map rotator
  • dominance: lowered the price of most radio calls
  • dominance: re-balanced the XP/RP rewards
  • man_vs_world: removed the elites and EOD soldiers from the enemy factions
  • vehicles: vehicle turrets can now aim without shooting - up, down or walk/crouch/prone/command modifier key make the turret point toward the crosshair
  • vehices: adding vehicle speed control key so that the vehicle has the same speed as running soldiers - uses the walk key
  • vehicles: Mortar tank has now the MG on the right side and has a small protection collision box
  • online: NAT punch thru support
  • online: possibility to kick players from menu on player hosted servers
  • ui: number of online people shown in the menu
  • misc: Shotgun types removed from elite soldiers resources, EOD soldiers get them instead
  • misc: item ownership added - when a player gets killed, only himself can pick up the dropped items for 30 seconds (invisibe for others), then it becomes neutral
  • misc: vehicle drops on soldiers won't make them drop their equipment anymore
  • misc: prevent ctrl key controls for character when in inventory view
  • misc: mounted weapons respawn time raised by 15s - affects only weapons loaded with the map
  • misc: added winter model+textures for the black ops vest
  • misc: rocket launchers have their own projectile models
  • misc: Vest Type-II soldier models for Greenbelts and Graycollars are now more distinctive
  • misc: Vest Type-III has now a proper custom hud
  • misc: some mapview/inventory textures have been reworked
  • misc: terrain/vehicles friction tweaked - except more slidings again
  • misc: cleaned the animation file from obsolete animations that aren't in use anymore
  • misc: casual difficulty tweaked to less steamrolly
  • misc: cleaned up noise in font
  • misc: tweaked various sound volumes
  • fix: spawning dead on a map won't make you drop your equipment anymore
  • fix: tank wasn't spawning a tank if the tank is not listed as a resource for the faction; still the tank call was callable and reduced RP
  • fix: item duplication exploit in simulated regions
  • fix: armory interaction with defined soldier group in online
  • fix: AA emplacement mapview marker now visible when spotted
  • fix: kill combo reward bug fixed
  • fix: visual bug with radio call availability meter when calls change
  • fix: character refused to shoot with LMB tap when aiming off motion direction while stopping
  • fix: fixed empty slots in inventory UI from several single item transfers

Thank you to DarkyPwnz and warbrand2 for their contribution!

 Post subject: Re: 1.50 released
PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:51 am 

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What fun! And, boy howdy, has it sure returned to tough again. Hard on those new guys, lol. But it's been fun to have to work for our ground again. And those AI seem a little trickier. I think we've all been hit with surprise by a few rockets now. The team is really having to refocus efforts in a group again. It's going to be rough, but if we can keep 20+ focused together I don't see too many issues. But we really have to watch our flanks now, the Ai seem to really push for ground now. Actually have watch 2 different maps lose almost the entire field when we got cocky near the last HQ.

Certainly having to repair a lot more, and keep a closer eye on damage level in AV's.


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