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PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:55 am 
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Here's the change log for 0.89:

maps: map6 "Al Tabul" added! Note that it is suggested to play it as Greens
factions: Brown faction added
menu: starting new game now features optional settable savegame name
menu: all savegames are now shown in the list irrespective if the correct map is loaded in the game; loading a savegame knows what resources and overlays need to be loaded, if any
menu: preferred faction is no longer selected at the moment of joining a server, instead, server assigns the initial faction for client, and client may re-choose it if it's allowed on the server
menu: online profile menu added for faction changing (and more later)
menu: stats and awards are now shown related to the on-going game (single player matches per saves, online matches)
menu: server's optional url is now shown in join and profile menus, attempts to launch default browser with the url
menu: new game menu no longer shows initial base counts for maps which use designated bases
menu: "initial base count" UI control extended and changed into "bases to capture"
menu: change map menu is now change map & resources menu, allowing to choose mods and enabled factions
menu: setup mods page added in change map & resources menu
commands: change_map XML now accepts a custom map_config, makes it convenient to start games on server that uses a specific subset of resources, or configure multifaction matches; clients know to adapt
commands: a bug with color change via update_player XML command fixed
general: on Windows, application data is no longer stored at %programdata%\Running with rifles (or equivalent on Windows XP), but in the user-specific application data location; easiest way to get there is %appdata%\Running with rifles
general: maps can declare init_match.xml for default match settings and additional commands to be executed right after new game has begun
events: player_kill XML event added
stats: position number indicates team color again
mapview: stashes and armories are now shown
mapview: zoom with mouse wheel added
mapview: improved performance
visuals: map assets based on external meshes show backlines now too, where enabled
gameplay: occasional auto-walk after respawn potentially fixed
gameplay: enemy vehicles are now shown in map (in red) for all players when in sight to any of fellow soldiers
gameplay: spotting mechanic added; roaming in the _enemy_territory_ and spotting vehicles by hovering mouse over them creates an intel report to the faction allowing others to see the vehicles in their maps as long as someone stays within reach of the vehicle; also gives an RP reward
gameplay: active region is now 5x5 instead of 3x3 around players, block size is about half the size it used to be; this should result in less chances of seeing into outer regions of the second adjacent world block, where approaching soldiers materialize
ai: some bots are now equipped with vests
vehicles: being partially in water again allows steering with on ground vehicles
vehicles: turrets support ranged rotation now
weapons: rare weapons made less common in classic, again
weapons: several new weapons added
items: carry items are now prioritized when tapping pickup key
rewards: getting a promotion is rewarded with RP
inventory: tapping on an equippable item will auto-equip it and put the old item to backpack, if possible
saves: saves are no longer single files, they are folders, containing profile and person data in separate files; basically, game build hosted servers can now save profiles for clients too
modding: custom faction specific rank settings are now possible
ranks: rank settings tweaked and new ranks added

PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:06 am 
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