Option adding support to the radio "h".
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Author:  DonNeon [ Sat Jan 26, 2019 6:47 am ]
Post subject:  Option adding support to the radio "h".

Good day! I then crossed the Command & Conquer and remembered the kind of support. The plane that circles over a certain area and firing at ground units. As it was in the same Call of Duty: Modern Warfare! Where we needed to cover price's squad (sort of) from the plane (hopefully most understood what I mean). I suggest to make so that in new DLC there was a helicopter (below I will try to attach the picture) and circled over the territory, conducting attack for some time. I found a video where there is a good example. -time of the moment 2:03:20. P.S - Sorry for some mistakes in the text or words! The whole text was translated through a translator! I'm from Russia, by the way.

The image of the helicopter - Image

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