Spawn capacity at 300% will damage game balance?
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Author:  jonwong [ Sun Nov 11, 2018 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Spawn capacity at 300% will damage game balance?

Radio call for reinforcements could scale to the higher capacity setting, say 24 instead of 8 men if capacity is set at 300%. But still, map might be overcrowded beyond design if spawn capacity is higher than 100%, like stealth might be rendered impossible.

Now, on to some suggestions that might make single-player RWR play as tactically as Company of Heroes!


Maybe costs 300 RP to set up. It's nothing more than a spawn point that is also defended by 3 men.

The reason I suggest this is so that we can play 1v3 (100% vs 300% capacity) by disabling enemy spawn points using outposts.

You could also allow players to adjust defending army size. Defending armies for outposts take from spawn capacity, so that would mean lesser men for attacks.

Display Current/Capacity for Number of Soldiers

Say "108/100" would mean there are 8 more men than normal spawn capacity, owing to radio calls for reinforcements.

Equip Own Squad With Choice Gear

Would also be nice if squad AI can riot shield the player, but that might break the game and make things too easy.

I would make everyone in the squad not carry impact grenades. The AI is still broken here, throwing impact grenades smack into a rock and bouncing the grenade back on itself. Coincidentally, the art in this game is cartoonish, which actually makes players somewhat forgive the AI for such comical displays. (I know I do!)

Of course, first choice would be to mend the AI. But that might be too expensive to do for now.

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